EVO 3D at the FCC

What you see before you here is the FCC label for the HTC EVO 3D. The EVO 3D that ZOMG has a T-Mobile 3G radio inside!

Gets you going, doesn't it? There are a couple of possibilities here: One is that, sure enough, it's coming to T-Mobile in the United States. But the other, more likely scenario is that it'll hit something like Wind Mobile or Mobilicity in Canada, which, in addition to being a GSM carrier, also rolls with the 1700MHz.

It's nice to get excited about these things, folks. But let's not put the cart before the horse.

Source: FCC; via Android Central Forums


Reader comments

EVO 3D hits the FCC with 1700MHz 3G -- doesn't mean it's hitting T-Mobile, though

The FCC is US only. Getting a phone bound for Canada FCC certified allows folks like Negri Electronics to export them to US customers. Smart business move IMO

Hm. The thing is I would totally go for this over the sensation simply because of the increase in RAM.

The FCC is charged with regulating only the US. But what happens is the Canada is regulated by their FCC equivalent called "Industry Canada" and they have regulations in place that say that if the device passes US FCC then it doesn't have to pass Industry Canada as it would be redundant. And so a manufacture can pass FCC and then be able to sell the device in both Canada and the US. So after knowing only this that I have said most people would conclude that Industry Canada is not needed or meaningless, but that is not the case because they do much much more than the what the FCC does. They handle business registration forms and labor department type stuff and other stuff. Also some devices depending on classification may not qualify for FCC registration exemption....apparently though cell phones are allowed to only pass FCC for Canadian use.

Where ever it goes best of luck to them because this device is truly special and they will see just like we did how great it really is.

what does it matter? If it's only for canada people can still just buy it off contract and import it to the US and use it on T-mo.

I thought Sprint had Exclusive branding rights for the Evo name in the US? Wouldn't that make Canada the only possibility? Its why the T-Bolt wasn't called the Verizon Evo, though Big Red probably wish it was...