It's OK not to love everything

We're about to see what Samsung and Motorola have to show us for their annual release of two really nice Android phones — the Galaxy Note 4 and the next version of the Moto X — as well as assorted other products like watches, and maybe even some super-duper secret things that will make us all want to spend money. This means the hype machines will be turned up to 11, and the Internet will be filled with things about them until Apple does the same thing later in the week.

After that, of course comes the obligatory comparisons of all the phones and devices from all the companies and all the tech press, complete with loads of gushing and hyperbole. We'll be part of this, and we want to be part of it all. You'll also be reading all of it, both here at Android Central and across the Internet as a whole. Nothing interests a smartphone fan quite like a device launch, and when they come on the heels of each other we all get some sort of bloodlust-like fervor to both consume all the information available and to jump in and add to the fray ourselves.

It's fun as hell, more interesting than it should be, and makes for good business all around.

Just remember to take it all with a big grain of salt, because opinions aren't universally true and not everything can be awesome.

Nobody, whether they work here at Mobile Nations or elsewhere on the Internet, is lying to you. We're often very excited about what we've just seen, or heard, or held. We're smartphone fans at heart, or we wouldn't have this job. We're also a group of very different people, who like different things. This shows through our writing, and if you pay close attention you can tell when Alex is genuinely excited about a new product or feature, or that Andrew wants you (and me) to understand those cryptic financial reports every company in this game likes to release on a quarterly basis. We do what we love.

The issue is that you might not love what we love. I know I'm in the minority when I say the Moto X is still perfect and I hope Motorola doesn't change too much. But I really do mean it. It's the same thing when Phil says he keeps going back to the M8, even when the camera disappoints him once again. To me, the Moto X is awesome. To Phil, the HTC One M8 is awesome. To you, one or both may not be very awesome at all.

It's our (the Internet tech press) fault. Somewhere in the past five years, things went from being well done and able to suit a particular set of needs to being buzzwordingly AWESOME anytime they are being talked about. You can hardly read a blog post or a news story without hearing about how awesome some new product is, even if it's really just mediocre at best for many of the people reading. In fact, none of these electronic devices inspire a sense of awe or reverence despite the description hung on them. When we use words too often, they tend to lose their power and the meaning changes. But language has to evolve.

Remember this as you read about the awesome new products we're going to see in Berlin and New York, as well as Chicago and Cupertino. When folks are on stage or demonstrating their new product to the tech press, we're going to be told that everything is awesome. Every little awesome feature and how it works with the awesome watches and other awesome accessories is going to be covered, and to the people genuinely excited about them they really are totally awesome.

But not everything can be awesome to everybody, and it's OK for you to think they are not. Chances are there will be an awesome product you can spend your hard-earned money on, but you will have to decide what that is. We can help, but we all enjoy different things and are different people.

Now go have an awesome weekend.


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Everything is not awesome to everybody


Bacon is disgusting!

Not really though...

Wish I had some right now.

Mmm, bacon and cheese oatcakes...

Posted via Android Central App

Bacon would be awesome if eating it was as healthy as eating obligatory-nasty-tasting-healthy-food.

Since it's not healthy, I'll just enjoy the awesome taste.

Posted via Android Central App

With you on the X and I don't even own one...though I bet they can make a larger screen phone fit in a smaller body.... Again. Hoping the camera wows. Looking forward to the new Bluetooth skip!

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

And most fun is to see Apple more and struggle and losing the race to Android. So I will end this with the word's of Lana... ANDROID CRUSH (original is RUSEV CRUSH)

OnePlusOne Special Edition

It's very true that "everything is not awesome to everybody". My LG G3 is awesome but I get that it's not for everyone as we all have different priorities for selecting devices. Camera, SD card expandability, and a removable battery were high on my list of priorities. My lady went with the Galaxy S5 and loves the device. It's great to have choices!

I used to love the Moto X but will be lying if I don't say the thing is starting to lag. I do have multiple new flagship phones with me along with M8, OPO etc. So comparing Moto X to them, the X lags a lot and it may not matter to a person just owning the Moto X and not have anything else to compare.

I for one like Moto X to have some upgrades, like current processor, higher resolution screen and little bigger screen by still keeping the overall footprint same. It's little boring to keep hearing the same oh don't change anything. If we didn't change anything we would still be using Nokia phones. There is nothing wrong in changing, if you don't like no one is forcing you to buy the new version as you keep saying Jerry the old version doesn't stop working once the new model comes out.

Or you could buy a LG G2 and get all that for a reduced price now that the LG G3 is the current flagship. ;-)

Posted via Android Central App on my LG G2

I would like an improved camera and after that a modest improvement in everything the X does well.
It doesn't need the latest and greatest specs, in fact I am a little concerned about Motorola not having the 8X processor in the X+1 (an improved 8X).

Agreed. It might not have the best of some of the hardware features out there now, but is pure Android at an amazing price working on all the reasonable carriers. To some of us, that is the peak of awesome. What will make it more awesome is when we have choices of different Nexuses at the same time, across all carriers. Gotta hold out hope.

The Nexus 5 was the absolute worst phone put out last year. Price wise it was the best, functionally it was the worst.

How do you mean? I'm typing this on an N5, and it's (from my point of view) a brilliant phone. Easily modifiable, so crackflashers are happy, and it performs decently for gaming. Admittedly the camera isn't the best, but I don't take many pictures with my phone, and if I was a photographer, I would buy an actual camera rather than a phone...

My n5 is awesome. And its been the best nexus yet for me and I have had a few.

Mr nonexus. What are you driving in your pocket right now?...let me guess. A Samsung?

Posted via Android Central App

The N5 is the best Nexus, but that is not saying much. Right now I am sporting a G3 and a Note 3.

What does that matter?

Agree the award to best software goes to Samsung. They took stock android which lags like hell to one of the smoothest lag free experience with touchwiz and useful functionality on top.

/s (in case not obvious)

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Maybe where Nexus is concerned, but I like the guy. He's typically rational and doesn't spew a ton of crap. Like yourself I may add.

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So you believe NoNexus arrogantly spewing "the Nexus 5 was the absolute worst phone put out last year" and "functionally (the Nexus 5) is the worst" is typical of his rationality and is not a ton of crap.

NoNexus seeks your adulation and will be pleased.

tell me a worse phone and I will tell you why you are wrong. We are talking top tier, flagship phones.

Name a worse one.

Funny, I mentioned he's extreme where Nexus (as the product) is concerned. And I should add Samsung to that list too, just on the other end of extreme. In fact he's a bit my opposite.

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Don't mind Jimbo there. He is a hit and run artist. He contradicts what people say and then fails to respond to any evidence that he is wrong. He is one of those people that I just get to laugh at.

You do realize a few things there. First off, nothing in that link you threw up says that it is a better display than anything right?

If also says that because of the display it can/could lag.

Still love mine, even with the usual caveats of the slow focus (in HDR+ mode) and meh battery. It's still an awesome phone. I'll be sticking with this one for awhile.

Cue the "Everything is awesome" song from the Lego Movie in 3..2..1..

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I feel like the boss just yelled at us all for our comments over the last few weeks.....and now we are all back on the Android team! Let's see the goods coming our way!

Yeah, its crazy the phone wars we have today. But I love me a good iPhone or Samsung bashing every once in awhile... Okay everyday....

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The Moto X is awesome. I'm coming up on a year and still got love for the streets...its the D R E.

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Well said Jerry! I am a fan of Motorola, but it's because it works for me, not that it's the best thing I have ever seen or used for a smartphone. I am looking forward to all the great coverage this week from Mobile Nations! Keep up the great work guys!

Posted via the Android Central App from my Moto Droid Maxx

Well said. To me the Xperia Z2 is awesome. Everybody's all about Samsung or HTC or the G3 lately and I get it, but they just don't appeal to me.

The whole os war should stop too. Android ain't even all that. It's got a lot of features yes but it also has its downsides. I use it because it fits my needs the closest but I'm not going to say it's the best.

I agree with you on the OS war bit. I sometimes have people ask me which phone to get. I love android, and it's what I'll mention first, but I will also talk about iOS. I'll mention what I think are pros and cons of each. 

Me personally, I got into Android because everyone I knew had iPhones because they were "the best" and "cool" etc etc etc. I didn't want what everyone else had. That left Blackberry and the funny green robot. If I had the funds to spare I'd buy a Blackberry too so I can see what they've done with the OS since I  last had one (version 4.5...)

Each OS has stuff it does amazingly well. Annnnd stuff it needs to improve on. iPhone, Android, Blackberry... all have thing where they knock it out of the park (where the other 2 are playing catch-up). And they all have stuff that really kinda just.... sucks (and need to learn from how the other 2 OS's do it better). 

Yes there's also Windows Mobile, but I haven't had any time on one to comment one way or the other...

Windows Phone 8.1 is really good too. It's got pretty much all the same features the others have now. And Cortana is just as good as Google now and it's still in beta! They just haven't added voice activation for her yet, right now you have to push the search button to be able to talk to her. As soon as they add will be better.

Jerry = awesome. Jerry has awesomeness. Jerry talks awesomely.

That's enough awesome for one day.

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you can do whatever you want to your phone, I don't think they have an official system for engraving it though, unless you go to third party company that does engraving on all kinds of items, but I'm sure that's expensive.

So wait, you are saying my opinion can differ from someone else's and we can both be right? What sort of wizardry is this?

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Jerry, you point out one of the main things I love about this site. You guys are all different and like different things. And you guys are honest about your opinions, which makes it almost easy to tell who wrote an article without looking. I love that you guys put yourselves into your writing. The articles from you and Phil are almost always great reads and makes me feel like I can trust you guys for a different point of view from my own that will be worth considering. Thank you

Jerry is the best. I'm sitting here with three devices (N5, Note 3, and N7) and STILL can't decide which one I like better.

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Diversity is one reason I like Android. It gets in the way, but encourages new ideas. AC has been my guide to it. I still use Pocket Casts because Phil wrote about it years ago.

Have fun all.

If you'll bear with me I'd like to make a bit of an analogy.  See, when I think of the folks here at Android Central, I think of Phil and Jerry first. 

Phil (to me) is a bit like a sports car nut. He knows the makes and models and stats and specs. The kind of guy you want to know if you're in the market for a new hot rod because he knows so much about the stuff thats out there, he's be able to recommend a "prefect" phone just for your needs and usage.

Jerry is like a good mechanic. Loves the cars, new and old. But he's the guy you go to if "fast as hell from the factory" isn't quite fast enough, and knows how to get a little more bang for your buck. "Root, freeze these 2 apps, uninstall those ones. This one from the factory is pretty good, nothing wrong - but if you want to do THAT, you'll need to get THIS app. Or better yet, use this one alongside that one."

And you know what - the car world needs both.

The world of Android needs Phil's and Jerry's (and other people too!!!). See, if it were possible, I'd take Phil with me next time I'm in the market for a new phone. And once I'd played with it I'd go see Jerry for a lesson in Linux, coding, hacking and rooting. 

And then - everything WOULD be awesome, at least for me. :)


For me, my Nexus 5 is still awesome... Even though I'm using a Xiaomi Mi3 with similar specs and lower price.

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Dude, agree with your Moto X assessment.
Holding off to see what X + 1 has to offer.
[805 SOC offers 50Mp camera option.....]
Good work.

I definitely had to compromise when switching from the M7 to the GS5... miss the aluminum, boomsound, and GPE rom. But I love the overall feel of the gs5 in my hand, its camera, display, and daresay the health apps that Samsung has loaded into TouchWiz (that said I'm still waiting for a decent AOSP rom to throw at it). That said the Google Now Launcher was the first thing I put on the device.

It's not the awesome-est phone on the market but it definitely isn't deserving of all the hate it gets. Just my two cents