Cross-platform text formatting will now be preserved on Android

An update to the Evernote app is now available that improves note taking functionality whether you're on your phone or tablet. First up is improved attachment support — in the latest update, you can now attach files like images to a note and have them in-line with the words. Further, on the editing front Evernote on Android now supports the same set of text formatting and styles as other platforms. No more wiping out formatting when working with notes created elsewhere.

If you're one that uses an external keyboard with your tablet, Evernote now supports keyboards fully, along with several keystroke combinations for easier note management. New note, bulleted lists and more are all available with a key combo rather than reaching up for that touch screen element.

Source: Evernote Blog


Reader comments

Evernote improves note editing, attachments and keyboard support


Man... I hope they mean that formatting is retained and understood by all platforms.
It's not that the formatting wasn't "retained" in the past, but that when writing an Evernote on a Mac's web browser version of Evernote, opening it on my Android revealed a message that said "Incompatible Format". You could still take notes on the phone, but they were in a compartmented part of the note... very tedious.

If that's what they are referring to.... YAY!!!!