Motorola Europe announced this morning on their Facebook page that the Ice Cream Sandwich update has begun rolling out to XOOM tablets in certain regions. XOOM owners in Europe have been patiently awaiting the new version of Android and they'll finally be able to experience it.  While the update has started today, it will continue over the next few weeks so if you don't have it yet, sit tight. To find out information about your particular region, visit Motorola XOOM Customer Support.

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European Motorola XOOM ICS update has begun rolling out


Only the "Nexus Xooms" (the USA Xoom WiFi) will be getting Jellybean in a reasonable timeframe.

The Nexus Xoom was the very first 3.0 device, the reference Google tablet, one of the first 4.0 devices, and will be one of the first 4.1 devices.

Unfortunately, the Xoom 3G, the non-USA Xooms, and the later Xooms (Family Edition, Xoom 2, Xyboard, etc) are just not in the "Nexus"-like category.

Sorry, the One X and Evo LTE are probably going to be several months, minimum... probably much longer. Same with the SIII.

Goodmorning people. Does anyone knows if ICS for XOOM 2 is going to be available in cyprus soon?
Because europe started already.