Motorola Milestone

See that phone up there? That's the Motorola Milestone, the non-U.S. doppelganger of the Motorola Droid. And unlike its American cousin, it's seeing the Android 2.1 update roll out in Europe as we type this. So hooray for the French. And Germans. And Italians. And British. (And probably another dozen or so countries, too.) In the meantime, we continue to wait. And wait. [via The Unwired]


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European Motorola Milestone getting Android 2.1 update (you, not so much)


I don't understand why they can't just post the link to the latest test build for Verizon and allow manual updates. That way, if the people who want to roll the dice with possible bugs in the firmware want to have a go of it, they can. The more cautious set could just wait for the OTA push that's passed all testing. This would solve all the whining and complaining.

its probably obama or kanye's fault.

P.S. - I thought the milestone had silver accents, not gold. Did they change that?

At first I was apologetic for Moto/VZW but now it's pretty obvious they can't get their shit together. The least they could do is provide a meaningful explanation for the delay.

And how is the Droid so different that this 2.1 rom is stable enough to release for the Milestone, but not the Droid. This just makes Verizon and Motorola look bad. I'd really like to know exactly (not some sterilized PR speak) why it's been delayed here. Did someone accidentally delete the finished code? Were there complications with the test release that supposedly happened a few weeks ago? Is the person responsible for pushing the go button out sick, on vacation, just plain lazy?

Sorry folks, we are in europe/germany still waiting for the nexus one to be released and official avaible... so this time you can wait :)

Dammit how is it tht the milestone which is the same as the Droid got their upgrade. But us Droid user's r stuck on hold. Smh. This is some BS LOL
U blame verizon. But I'm gonna blame georged bush lmao!!

So how long b4 some gets this ready to root to the droid?? Cause I'm tired of waiting for the upgrade! Think its time to just root!

Maybe 2.1 is being delayed for the Droid due to monetary/marketing reasons. Maybe it's beneficial for Verizon or Motorola to hold off on 2.1 for Droid until more new Android phones are released with the new version as to not hurt sales for those new phones.

Utter bs... im not cryin or whining like ppl say but simply put i think since android was created in U.S. all updates should be tested first on U.S. consumers. Nothing against other countries but if I made a pie I'd want my household to try it before the neighbors... On the other hand; I quickly lost hope when this last update went sour. Im still unrooted and plan to stay that way but I've been exposed to 2.1 on a friends nexusone and if the 2.1 update doesn't come by the time VZW gets N1 in the store im jus gonna buy a N1 my other friend has a hero with sprint and they told her the htc hero gets 2.1 next month . I used to have moto fones and hated every last one; got to the droid and was told its the best motofone out; hate to say it but this seems like another motoMessUp... sux VZW is involved

Rooting the phone is the easiest thing in the world. Then using Rom Manager from the Market Place(get the free and paid versions) makes updating your phone to the latest STABLE ROM a snap. Worried about violating Verizon Warranty? You can always go back to stock. ROM Manager will back up all your stuff. Updated to Ultimate Droid 2.1 ROM which includes everything the Nexus has plus free wireless tethering. How cool is that?
Glad I didn't wait around for Verizon's stripped down Version of 2.1 or whatever the hell is coming down the pike.
My Droid is running perfectly.

Check out how easy it is here:

Dunno if anyone else feels this way too but I can't help feeling that only N1 owners should get the latest and greatest updates since we're the ones carrying the flagship device torch...

It's like buying a Toyota Prius for $23,000 and then Toyota coming out with a hybrid kit for any car for free which seems to cheapen the N1 experience...

N1 owners are way more important than any random Hero, G1, or Droid customers.

We are the ones that carry Google's flagship device and should be treated accordingly... compared to the other random devices that just have android on it and aren't really Google devices.