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Almost exactly a month after its launch, the European Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) has received its first post-release firmware update. The update to firmware version NE2 (from the older NCE build) landed on our unlocked UK GS5 this morning, and seems to be pushing out over the air and through Samsung's Kies desktop app.

If you get an error message telling you to the software update "is provided to users in the order in which they request it," you'll need to grab it via Kies, or wait until capacity for OTA (over-the-air) updates frees up.

It's unclear what's new in this firmware update, and we haven't noticed any obvious differences after updating our device, so it's likely a maintenance release consisting of the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks. The new firmware was built just a few days ago on May 8, and also comes with an update baseband, as non-minor updates tend to.

If you're updating your Galaxy S5 to the new firmware today, hit the comments and let us know if you notice anything new.

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European Galaxy S5 gets first post-launch update


Mine still works :)

It's a shame that it's not getting an official update to 4.4, but it's not the end of the world. There are various 4.4 releases of custom ROMs. I have work colleagues who are happy with them and they seem to run faster than my Touchwiz 4.3. I'd go the 4.4 custom ROM route myself, if I didn't need the HDMI smart dock support. I'm still hoping that someone will be able to get a functional Samsung based ROM when the i9305 ROM is released, but I'm not expecting it.

Yep even though I know longer have a s3, this news annoyed me. It's like oems are using that bs 18month update rule to stop supporting devices early. In this case I'm guessing they were struggling with the 1gb ram as they are updating the 2gb ram s3 but that's no excuse. The whole point of kk was to make Android run on 512mb ram which is half want the s3 international version has. Imo that excuse doesn't hold because 4.3 was a heavier version of Android and they had no issue using that version so how are they struggling with a lighter version of Android. It's either they got some rubbish software developers and need to start hiring people of xda cause I bet they would have no issue updating to kk

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is it safe to assume that this same update will be hitting state side once it goes through carrier approval ?

Wrong, this would be the second update . The first came shortly after leaving the mobile for sale in form of little OTA for stability issues.

@alex sammobile reports that this update launches the camera faster, made gallery faster, improved the finger print sensor accuracy and also better ram managment with the usual bug fixes.

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Lol just reporting what sammobile saying. Not sure if it was a official changelog or they just basing it on there usage(maybe placebo) but they do seem to have links with people who deal with Samsung firmwares so maybe they telling the truth.. If only Samsung would actually release a changelog so we wouldn't have to guess.

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Hey alex the only difference I have noticed is in the voice recorder it's a different image when you open up the app

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How about a US Sprint update to fix the broken S5 Tri-Band radio? 3G is not acceptable after great LTE speeds on my iphone5, note2, and note3. It's not the network, which is great in my area. THIS PHONE IS NOT READY FOR RELEASE. (and I've been through 2 so far, no relief)

I thought the Sprint Spark issue was just my phone! Its so frustrating not being able to connect to Lte in places I could before and all Sprint will do is tell me to update my prl and profile. Sprint and Samsung better have an update soon!