Galaxy Nexus Europe

Samsung on Thursday gave more details on availability for the Galaxy Nexus in Europe. It'll be available Nov. 17. Here are details country-by-country:

  • United Kingdom: O2, Three, SIM-free
  • Ireland: Three
  • France: SFR, SIM-free
  • Germany: Vodafone, O2, SIM-free
  • Italy: TIM, Vodafone, Three, Wind, SIM-free
  • Spain: Vodafone, SIM-free
  • Portugal: Vodafone, SIM-free
  • The Netherlands: SIM-free
  • Belgium: SIM-free
  • Sweden: Telia, Three
  • Austria: A1, Three
  • Slovenia: Mobitel, SiMobil
  • Poland: SIM-free
  • Hungary: Telenor
  • Czech Republic: Vodafone, SIM-free
  • Slovakia: SIM-free
  • Greece: Vodafone
  • Romania: Vodafone, Cosmote
  • Bulgaria: M-Tel
  • Croatia: VIP
  • Serbia: Vodafone

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Reader comments

European Galaxy Nexus availability


That's nice and all but I don't care when they're getting it. I wanna know when the U.S. is getting it. We're always left in the backburner.

OMG, it's comments like that that cause people from other countries to hate Americans. Always, that "me first" attitude and arrogance. Why do you feel the US is at the back burner all the time? I'm on Sprint. If anything, I should feel like I'm on the back burner, but there will always be a better phone out there in the future. Take a chill pill dude.

Congrats on the other carriers in other countries having official release dates.

I would just be satisfied with a date I will be able to buy it at say Best Buy or Amazon off-contract. That way I can put away my thoughts of importing it. :)

I didn't think the Greeks could afford to buy anything these days - they should just send all theirs directly to the US.

I know what you mean , you didn't think because you've got no brain , making fun of other like this shows how ignorant you are , so next time just keep your comment to yourself if you have nothing better to say .

Lol, so over 20 european carriers have got their shit together, why am I not surprised that zero american carriers have.

Screw the carriers. I just want a place to pick it up off-contract. Thankfully this one wont be a Galaxy S II all over again. .. RIGHT?

Can someone clarify something for me? Since this is really the first Nexus phone to be sold to carriers exclusively, immediately, will tethering still be unlocked?

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In Spain the galaxy nexus is not SIM-free if you buy it from VODAFONE. You can only use it with a VODAFONE SIM card. No other carrier is allowed.

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