Action / RPG title is free to play, and a ton of fun

Android CentralGlu has released Eternity Warrior 3 for Android today, and they bring an amazing display of graphics and gameplay to Android. Whether you play as the warrior, the Monk (play the Monk, though) or the Mage you're going to love Eternity Warriors 3. In the same vein as the PC hit Diablo III — one of my favorites — you crawl dungeons, travel the wilderness, and stay alive as you fight a horde of evil determined to feast on what's left of you when it is over.

We're just getting into this one, but I can tell you that the gameplay is fluid, the framerates are high, and the graphics are beautiful. Of course, the in-app purchases are a nuisance, but hopefully one worth dealing with to play a game of this quality on a mobile device.

The app is free to play, and it's well worth the download to at least see how well it's done. Grab it at the Google Play link above.


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Eternity Warriors 3 now available on Android


Nope, it doesn't. It maps very easily though using tincore keymapper. The built in mapper probably works well too. Inventory management will still require touch but combat is fully physical controls which is awesome.

It is too bad these devs don't fully implement controller support. It would make these games perfect and would probably get people to play them longer.

Looks cool, I'll have to check it out. Jerry, I'm also a huge Diablo fan (on PC) and I'm always wondering what games most resemble it on Android, any additional suggestions? I haven't made my way through the "Best Android RPGs" article from the other day.

Jerry, you guys at AC always have great recommendations, but I've got to ask: why do you promote IAP beasts like Glu Games? They've got to be among the most abusive towards their customers with their ridiculous IAP prices and "pay to progress" model. What are your thoughts on this?

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can apple and android products play together? i like the game and so does my friends but we dont know if we can i dont see my friends i have an android and they have ipads