Glu has updated their fantasy hack-and-slash game Eternity Warriors 3 to include player versus player combat. Online multiplayer showdowns yield Arena points, earn you global ranking, and, of course, big prizes. Regular tournaments and events will likely attract plenty of warriors, mages, and monks to the battlefield.

Of course, Eternity Warriors still has their single player campaign, if all that competition isn't your bag. All of Glu's games are freemium, so be prepared for a few nudges towards in-app purchases. Regardless, the graphics are great, and second only to Dungeon Hunter 4 in the realm of fantasy action-RPGs for mobile.

Any of you guys already play Eternity Warriors 3? Who else is concerned that a free-to-play game with a competitive mode is just going to turn into a pay-to-win scenario?


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Eternity Warriors 3 adds real-time PvP mode


I'm a big fan of the Diablo series on PC and I really like this game. I've been playing for a bit now and have yet to give them a dime. I'll probably check out PvP, but I don't have much interest in it. Like you said I'm assuming I'll just get destroyed by somebody who has wasted a lot more of their life and money than I have. Apparently I need to check out Dungeon Hunter 4 as well.

Oh yeah, if you're into this kind of gameplay, Dungeon Hunter is great.

If the ranking system is done well, then in theory matchmaking will pit you against folks of equal level and gear, regardless of how they got there.

Agreed, that's the question, the gear score is going to have to be involved as well, not just player level.

By the way, is dungeon hunter 4 any good if I decide not to buy any in app offerings?

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wow, i'd have to say you're right... Just finished the first castle part, and, holy cow, that cutscene got my attention. I really hope I IAP don't spoil my parade, though.

Agreed, that's the question, the gear score is going to have to be involved as we well, not just player level.

Yea dungeon hunter 4 is the best game I've played on Android. Period. Graphics and game play are great.

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No one will probably see this post to an old article, but anyway. I tried DH4 and all it does is crash after the loading screen. I've uninstalled it and tried again, but no luck. I'm on a stock Nexus 5, the one exception is that I'm running ART, but according to the web ART is fine, and everything on the web is true...right? :-) I contacted support but I haven't gotten a response.