ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN has just made a pretty substantial update to its ScoreCenter app for Android, bringing in a completely refreshed UI experience. The app now follows most of the general Google design guidelines -- aka "holo" -- throughout the app, from removing the legacy menu button to using sliding panels and tabbed navigation. This is a big step forward in design for the app, and it really makes a difference in terms of usability and overall aesthetics.

When the big companies like ESPN start getting on board with the latest design guidelines, it's a good sign that people are starting to take notice of the large numbers of devices running Android 4.0 and higher. This is what we like to see. YOu can grab a download of the new and improved ScoreCenter app from the Google Play link at the top of this post.


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ESPN ScoreCenter updated with refreshed and improved UI


Big companies like ESPN getting on board?

You don't think ESPN had anything at all to do with design decisions about this app do you Andrew? They lucked into, or contracted for a developer who apparently has his sh*t together.

But they, as a corporation, would be totally clueless about the whole issue, and would probably choose to build their whole UI from scratch if they had a choice in the matter.

Props to their actual developers for holding up the standards. But I have no faith that the corporate management have even the foggiest clue.

Unfortunately, the new app is not compatible with Android tablets. I was looking forward to using it on my Nexus 7 but I'm still stuck on the old version.

I noticed exactly the same thing. After updating my Droid X2 (yes, there is actually someone still out there using an X2...) I tried updating my HP TouchPad and it wouldn't do it. When I went to the play store via my PC it said the app was not compatible. FAIL!

Personally, I have never had any ESPN app function properly. I agree with Guy, Scoremobile is the way to go. It may not be as flashy, but at least it works.

New flashy updates don't mean anything if they can't maintain compatibility between smartphones and tablets. Developers continuing to propagate the segmentation problem will not win any points with me.

The update is a big improvement over what they did have which was just a iOS app for Android. The app and widget looks and acts a lot more in line with other Android apps.

I had been actually looking for another sports app because I didn't like how this looked, but I didn't find another sports app I liked or that was up to date on the scores.

Google Now has been great for my favorite professional teams, but for an overall sports app this is now much better. (Hopefully Google Now will add college teams by the time next football season comes around)

Wow, the fact that I still haven't upgraded my phone (OG Evo) actually is good thing for once..LOL It works great for me.

The app crashes on the EVO LTE. Hopefully they work the bugs out so i can use it again. The widget looks like a nice improvement over the old version.

It looks like the iOS version now...although with some slight Holo differences.

Wish they would have gone all the way with Holo, though.

Everything else is garbage. I've been using Scoremobile for a long time, and just recently switched to Sportacular, but both are severely lacking in updates and usability. Hopefully they catch up soon, because I don't want to use ESPN.