ESPN Scorecenter

The popular sports app ESPN ScoreCenter has received a sizeable update which includes one the most requested features, notifications. Yes, it's been a long time coming, but now you can receive scoring and breaking news notifications to your Android device.

Once you open the app, click the red tab at the bottom to bring up the menu, then select preferences. From there, you can manage which teams you follow and which alerts you will receive.

Here is the full changelog from the update:

  • Scoring and breaking news notifications now available!! Get game start, scoring plays, end of period/qtr/half and final score notifications, or follow your favorite sports with breaking news alerts - all delivered to your device‚Äôs home screen.
  • Fixed widgets and other display issues on certain devices
  • Fixed a number of UI issues occurring on Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices
  • Additional UI fixes for tablets
  • Additional bug fixes

The app is available for free in the Android Market, so to get the update or to download the app, please find the links after the break.


Reader comments

ESPN ScoreCenter gets an update, now includes scoring and breaking news notifications


Sure would be nice if they'd actually build a TABLET version of this app. I hate that it always opens in Portrait on my Transformer.

They have a tablet version of the website that works really well (slightly different than the mobile version).

Looks to be well worth the download now. I'll be giving it a spin considering Baseball is around the corner and the trading deadline is fast approaching. Not to forget the upcoming Probowl and Superbowl for the NFL :)

I LOVE the notifications and it was one thing severely lacking on the Android version.

Of course, no tablet version hurts. Lack of great tablet apps is the main reason why I have an iPad.

I am the same....I won an ipad2 this year and love it (like the nook size though) but hate the iphone...go figure.

Is this replacing scoremobile then?
Is there a widget?

I stand corrected, there is a widget,I just didn't scroll thru far enough, figured it would say espn scorecenter, just says scorecenter.

agree! Absolutely hate the iPhone and LOVE my Nexus and Android on the phone. Tablets are a different story. I dunno. Different needs for phones I suppose!

Are you talking about the text notifications? I remember Sprint stopped allowing these...anyone know if they are back?

That is a good step. Now if their streaming media app was actually usable, that would be really nice. I can't get it to connect even when I am connected to a WiFi network.

Fortunately I use Tune In and I can get their stuff that way or I would be a bit cranky.

Don't know why people are saying there's no widget. The update even talks about the widget in the changelog. I have it on a homescreen and look at it daily to keep me updated and now with notifications... unreal. I'm looking forward to MLB this next season that's for sure. Should be great to keep me up on the games if I'm out and about not near a tv/radio.

Love this app.

how is this app any better than Sportacular? I've used both way back in my naive iOS days and even on Android I've still stuck with Sportacular. Quicker interface and has had notifications all along.

Thank you ESPN! This is what I was wanting so bad. I can now do away with my text message updates because this app will alert me with scores AND give me the "Da-da-da da-da-da" sound. (Without downloading another app, I can only have one sound for text messages, and I always want my ESPN scores to have the "Da-da-da da-da-da" sound.)