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This one's at least a wee bit interesting. You're a robot, trying to get out of the robot factory (as all robots are inclined to do, we gather). It's a three-dimensional scroller, but you don't see things from the robot's point of view, which gets a little confusing at times. And the controls are rudimentary at best. But the good news is there's a free version if you wanna check things out. Links are after the break.


Reader comments

Escape from Robot Factory is enough to make a robot's head spin


What's with the lack of animation when jumping?...It looks like it skips a crap load of frames...that is the "weak-sauce".

How much did they pay you to waste space (and your readers' time) with this turd. This is by far one of the worst games EVER.

What were you thinking?

Grrrr.... This isn't Escape for the Planet of The Robot Monsters I used to love on my Atari ST! Got excited for nothing! >:(