Eric Schmidt Moto X

Commence freak-out, everyone! Here's Google Chairman Eric Schmidt holding the unannounced-but-hardly-a-secret Moto X at the Sun Valley Conference "Camp for billionaires." You can see that's Schmidt on the right, holding the phone. And that's the phone on the left, held up to Schmidt's right ear.

Also note the perfect posture Schmidt is employing. Also known as the Graves Method, this provides the perfect amount of control while holding a smartphone. Thumb positioned properly along one edge of the device, with index finger at the recommended 3 degrees off vertical. This gives quick access to what has quickly become the most overhyped phone since the last overhyped phone.

Source: Reuters; More in our Moto X forums


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Eric Schmidt with a Moto X


If this thing had better specs for the CPU/GPU and a better screen I would get one in a second. Unfortunetly this has crap specs like and Iphone 5

not these are final specs but EVleaks is usually dependable and their last go around was:

1.7GHz dual core MSM8960 Pro (an updated Snapdragon S4 Plus with an Adreno 320 GPU), 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 720p display resolution, 10MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and Android 4.2.2.

I didn't see 2 GB of ram but this area closer to higher range specs in my opinion. I am now officially more excited.

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It's stupid comments like this that ruin all credibility. First let me say that I hate Apple and you couldn't pay me to use a iPhone on a daily basis however there is nothing wrong with the iPhone specs or hardware in general other then that the screen is too small for my preference in a smartphone. It's actually otherwise a really nice piece of hardware, the true shortcomings of the iPhones is the OS and Apples locked down environment...

the RUMORED specs are going to make for a very speedy phone. just thinking about 99% stock android 4.2.2 on something that is faster than my G'nex, with 2GB ram, a MUCH better camera and probably makes me drool to think that this is mid range. Android is to the point where Processor doesn't make THAT much of a difference for every day tasks. my Old and tired G-nex is still smooth as butter.

Do specs matter that much to you? the iPhone 5 has the specs of a 2011 phone but still beats out modern 2013 android phones

Partly true. I have both Nexus 4 and iPhone 5. The OS interface is much smoother on the Nexus 4. But apps and games are smoother on the iPhone 5.

how much of the marketing budget was blown to get this pic to go viral (it is all over Google+ and tech sites)?

Only the money to pay the photographer and that more than likely was Moto's payroll. Look at all the nerdgasms, it would go viral if it was posted on MySpace at midnight on a Wednesday.

Great piece Phil! Hilarious! Though, I do like the looks of that phone... I am currently using a Droid 4, and sadly it doesn't look like there will be a replacement, so will be looking for something else in the next few months. I am excited to see what Google/Moto come out with, especially if I can support more American jobs buying one(but specs may win out if it comes out with the low specs rumored).

At this point, I'm pretty sure that it's going to have been in stores for six months and sold millions of units before Moto officially announces it.

The phone simply looks beautiful. I can't resist to think that Google & Moto has some sort of software optimizations going on under the hood to rock the hardware that will make this phone snappy as any other flagship. Maybe releasing the full potential of "Project Butter" either way with the rumored internals the price tag has to be unbelievable

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You can rest assured that it's going to preform like a champ. Even last years specs are plenty to kick Android into high gear. This spec race is becoming nonsensical. They'd have to add a boatload of bloat to slow it down.

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So true. The droid DNA is filled to the good with Verizon bloatware, and still runs like a champ

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I believe since this is actually Google's phone and not just a partner OEM to make the device that Google can actually take the the and make this phone work perfectly with Android's OS. Kinda like Apple does became it make software and its own hardware. This phone is what we've been waiting on since the Google, Moto acquisition. I'm just really curious to see this baby in action I guarantee it'll blow some flagship's out the water. I just don't understand how people can call this mid range when the iPhone launches with last years specs all the time and its considered "high end'" right?? So what's the common denominator?? Software optimized to run perfectly with the hardware its built on no matter how much RAM or how high your processor is clocked

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If this is the same phone that leaked in Taiwan some time ago, this phone is only a *smidge* larger than the iphone, and has a 4.3" display.

The phone in Taiwan was a 4.65-4.7" screen. The guy in the video said so himself.

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Rumor is that it will be on all four major US carriers.

That being said (and a Verizon customer), there's no way in hell I'd use [your carrier of choice] :P

True. They also are the best at bending over their customets and pulverizing their rears with their thrusting manhood. I love good coverage, but I do not love the way Verizon rapes you for it. Nothing is worth my dignity and purity.

Dignity and purity? Customers are so sensitive nowadays.. Verizon offers great service, I pay for it. Simple as that.

Can we stop saying that companies "rape" people? Hyperbole is one thing, but does it have to be so damn insensitive?

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For some, even spectacular coverage direct justify horrible ripoff excuses for plans. Myself included. I'm ditching Verizon as soon as my contract is up in April. Hopefully the Sprint version will work on Ting. If not, I'll head over to AT&T go phone. Coverage is spottier, but their 4G service is even better than Verizon's.

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Best service? I agree, but I do drop calls, sometimes more than once while remaining in one place during one conversation. It could be my GNex's fault though.

I still have seen people say this is going to be a mid-range phone. Not sure if that's confirmed or not, but the price didn't look midrange. I've never been big on Motorola, but I did promise myself my next smartphone would have a much better battery. If the Ultra is the top spec phone, I will look into the Maxx version. If not, I will look out for the DNA2. Are there reset buttons on phones without removable batteries. As long as I've had a phone, I've had to take out the battery when the phone freezes every once awhile.


Sorry guys...I don't have anything important to contribute. Just wanted to be a part of the conversation.

So you don't have anything to say but you use GODS name in vane.Very wise sir

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.2.1

The speaker grill is on the right side of the camera like that pic from Vietnam from a few months ago. All the new leaks, body case parts, etc have the speaker grill on the left side. Just something to keep an eye on.

There maybe an explanation for why he's holding the phone with his left hand, he needed the right hand to do another more important task ;-P

Disclaimer: Sorry in advance to give you guys that image to your heads, I hope you can recover.

As usual, Droid Life is on top of it. US version on right, International version on left due to dual SIM phone (if looking at backside - one SIM bottom left and one top right, thus the speaker has to swap sides).

Top of the line specs or not...this looks like a slick device which if combined with a pure google experience is bound to be a hot commodity!

I'd call it the moto nexus because that's what it seems to be like.

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Just switched from Windows Phone to Android to achieve more cohesiveness between my phone, tablet and Chromebook. Using a hand me down RAZR M that's pretty solid. This Moto X will be my next.

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+1 I've been jealous of the razr m ever since they've released it exclusively for Verizon. Love the small for factor with a good size screen.

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It's called marketing. They gotta fight off Samsung's huge advertising budget somehow. Viral is the way to get it out there. He's probably not even really using it lol

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Aside from Phil's typos, the only noteworthy take-away of this article is the picture of the phone. I don't recall Phil (or any other member of the AC staff) claiming Samsung (in the case of the S3 and most recently S4) or HTC (in the case of the HTC One)"over hyping" their phones so prematurely. Without any verified "specs" or hands-on how do we know what's under the hood? I thought good journalism was suppose to be objective, and factual. It's seems that if your phone isn't made by Samsung or HTC it's going to be treated like a red-headed step child here. Just my opinion / observation.

This phone looks awesome in white.
If only they centered the speaker grill on the bottom :(

Still waiting to see how this phone will be when all the specs and everything else is official, but it looks pretty nice from that teaser shot alone!

Man, Phil.....I'm starting to wonder if you even read what you write :P .
"Here's Google Chairman Eric Schmidt hold the unannounced-but-hardly-a-secret Moto X" I think is supposed to be "holding".
"And that's the phone on the on the left, held up to Schmidt's right ear." Have a seizure? :P

What it LOOKS like, is that phone is thinner than 99% of the other smartphones on the market today.

That is something to be very excited about.

While I think this piece deserves the Pulitzer, all I got is a bowling trophy from 1983. Congrats, Phil! You can brag to Jerry about the 300 game you bowled.

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I have always used Motorola because of their outstanding radios in their devices, something Samsung has not mastered. I look forward to the new line.

The S4 is smaller but by a mm here and there. For all intents and purposes, the S3 and S4 are basically the same size. This phone looks smaller than both...

I hope they release this phone in the EU and not just the US. It would be good if it was heavily subsided by Google and available on the Play Store too. Might be a contender for my Nexus 4.

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My mother works at mobility in libertyville and I hope to check one out in the very near future. She won't tell me squat about the specs tho. It does look stellar.

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My contract is up in just about a year. With T-Mobile's new JUMP! plans and Motorola starting to put out nice-looking and Googlized phones, I'm pretty excited to see what kind of options I'll have next July.