Pebble Steel

Enticed by the new Pebble Steel? Us too. The all-new design is a step up from the previous generation, giving the Pebble a more refined and high-end look. Available in Black Matte and Brushed Stainless, the Pebble Steel features Gorilla Glass, and anti-fingerprint coating and comes with both a metal band and black leather strap.

They're available now for pre-order but if you're on the fence about picking one up, we're running a contest right now and you have not just one — but THREE chances to win. We've got all the Pebble Steel news you could want and more, so head over to Smartwatch Fans for all the details on how to win a Pebble Steel to call your very own.


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Nice! Pebble Steel's design seems like a good combination of business appropriate and tech.

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Wow, finally! A "smart watch" that actually looks good enough for an adult to wear! Count me in, please.

Now that looks and probably feels like a real watch instead of a toy! I built a Sinclair LED watch years ago that only lasted a few weeks. This one looks like it should last for years, but it's still a bit pricey. Now if I can win one? That would be outasight!

Just bought one but I need one for my other wrist

Posted via my awesome, longer lasting phone than yours aka droid MAXX

You do know that they said to go to that other site to find out how to win one. They never said leave a message here

I would totally rock one of these..
I thought they would just release a pebble 2.0 but having this run alongside the original is a much better idea. Well played pebble, GET ON MY WRIST.

Looks nice... I'd love to pair this with the Nexus 5 I'm getting next week.

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I had my nice work clothes on today. Looked at my plastic Pebble and after today's announcement, a steel would've been a perfect match instead.

Pebble... fantastic developer. Fantastic community. Fantastic design. Easy decision for myself, and would be a great addition to my watch collection. Especially the pebble steel.

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Why oh why do they have the "pebble" so big on the face? Take that away, and center the screen vertically, and you got a buyer.

I really like the look of these, I don't mind the non-steel ones either to be honest but these definitely have a higher class look to them.