Art is meant to be shared, and so are prizes!

A new Galaxy Note (or two) means an increase in the number of people fiddling around and drawing on their Androids. Some of you are real artists, and regularly create wonderful things on your phones and tablets, but a lot of us just like to doodle.

I'm in the latter group. While playing (yes, it's fun so it's really play) with the Note 3 and sharing some of my rudimentary "sketches" some folks decided we needed to fire up another doodle contest in the forums.

Look at the forum contest thread to read the rules and enter. And you might want to enter because the prizes are pretty darned cool. Three entries will win a box with the following inside:

Drawing is something anyone can do on any Android — see the forum post for apps that will help — and it's a lot of fun. Now you can win something awesome while you do it.

Android Central's Show Your Doodle contest


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Enter the 'Show Your Doodle' contest to win some great prizes


AC Fans seems to treat the AC Coffee Cup like a rare, antique collectible. Seriously guys, you can make a cup like that using websites which offer custom designed mugs and have it delivered to you in a week. It's that simple. The AC coffee Cup doesn't have to be "rare".

Awesome contest. I'm currently working on my entry. I have no illusion I'll win but it will be fun participating and watching all the entries

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I got a deadly picture zizzled up and I can't sign up for this contest, go figure. Andriod user from Canada

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