Have you had a chance to check out Google's web app for Gmail and Calendar on your Android device lately? Google is touting it as "a new and improved experience when you access Gmail and Calendar through the browser" of your Android device. Improvements include things like the user interface to make messaging on the go even easier, along with a "Floaty Bar" that makes common actions, like archive and delete, just one click away.

The reasons given for using the web app model are good ones: Google can introduce new upgrades and iterations of the product far more quickly, not requiring a whole new download for you, the user, each time there is a change. This should also equate to more frequent improvements. Also, Google can much more efficiently share code across multiple platforms, like in the case of a 90%+ code share between Android and iPhone.

If you haven't tried it already, what are you waiting for? Watch the video above, then give it a go on your Android phone. Then, let us know what you think!



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Enhanced Gmail and Calendar Web App for Android


The new Gmail Android web app is a nice improvement and I applaud Google for pushing the envelope in mobile web development with HTML5, AJAX and Gears.

I'm disappointed though, that Google still doesn't provide the ability to add labels to messages in this or any of their other mobile web versions of Gmail. I like Gmail's use of labels instead of folders but with no way to apply them on the phone the web app is severely crippled.

this sounds very interesting , I have still have a try ,now I am sure I will try it later!
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I use it more than the built-in app. Very nice. And you can access your Google Docs (read-only), Reader, Photos and everything else you normally get from the desktop web version.

it is better but still not great
the app is a bit better but it still misses a lot of functions

reply with a different email
canned responses
easier label management, switch between inboxes