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I need to work out more any. And after finally checking out Endomondo, I'm more determined than ever to just waste away. That's not the app's fault. It's pretty darn cool, actually, mixing an exercise monitoring app with social networking. And by social networking, we mean your friends can send you messages while you're on your route. And by send you a message, we mean "We can see you're walking! You want to look like that your whole life?"

Or, maybe your friends are the encouraging type. Consider yourselves lucky. Anyhoo, we caught up with Endomondo at CTIA in Orlando, where they offered to take us on quick 10K stroll of the city. We'll get right on that.


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Endomondo lets your friends heckle workouts (and help you get in shape) [CTIA]


Pretty damn cool. If it linked to Facebook for the friends input that would be better as not very many people have groups who would go to the site to follow their progress but for a trainer this would be awesome to track the trainees runs and provide feedback while away.

Very nice running app...but Runkeeper and Runstar are both much better. Runstar was just updated and the interface is ridiculously awesome now. Runkeeper has audio cues...which makes it a good 2nd best option.

Endomondo is an awesome app. I run with a group of friends and many of us use the app to track our own progress or the progress of others in the group.

Last fall while we trained to run in a half marathon, it was nice to be out on long runs and have my friends send me encouraging messages. I set my account up to tweet/FB when I started and finished so anyone following me on either service could easily find where to send me a message.

Plus, their customer service is pretty interactive so far. They take the advice of the users and make tweaks/adjustments fairly regularly.