Fitness app Endomondo got itself an update today that brings a pair of new premium features, as well as a couple nuggets for the cheap seats.

New for those who shelled out for the full version are "Heart Rate Zones" and weather information in the workout summary area. 

For everyone, there's also altitude data in the summary, and you can now see and join challenges from within the app itself. There also are the requisite bugfixes.

The the link above to get your update on.


Reader comments

Endomondo adds a couple premium features


Sadly, those of us who shelled out for the Pro version do not get these features. They are for people who subscribe (yes, after paying out for the app) to this new 'premium' service.

In same boat. Sad to see new features will require paying for a subscription after I bought the app. If they add enough new features, I would pay for an upgrade if revenue is what they are after.

I am thinking of checking out some other apps because of this. I shelled out good money, and have been happy with Endomondo Pro, but if they are going to try and nickle & dime us, I might just move on.

Exactly this. How crappy is that, that they have a free app, a paid app, and then a premium subscription?

Looks like somebody's advisors and strategists need to rethink things.

Runtastic anybody?

I use the Cardio Trainer series of apps and they work pretty well for my purposes. Can track a large number of activities or you can just log data in manually if you want too. I know they used to have a monthly-fee service but I believe they dumped that model a while ago.

sure there are good free apps...and then there's a stellar paid app like endomondo pro. the time spent hating in these comments could've been spent getting fit. let me remind you that the price of the paid app - a one time fee - is less than a cup of starbuck's swill...or a protein shake. seriously. endomondo made a mistake by offering a ton of features upfront for free which obviously didn't help their conversion rate to pro. either they did what they did in scaling back what's available for free and making them paid features, or perhaps they go out of biz when the revenues aren't what they should be. while it's not a pleasant move for users, those who are devoted get it and haven't jumped ship. i love the app. i've tried others and they don't compare. i'm happy to skip my daily espresso ONCE to pay for it.

I have had the paid app for a while.. when I saw this post I was interested in how the new "Features" would work out and was disappointed that they were only a part of a paid subscription.. Still overall the app does everything I need and expect it to do and for $5.00 it's not bad at all.. I don't NEED those subscription features I just thought it would be nice to check out.. Not paying monthly for it though and not looking to switch to something else.. I love the App..

It goes beyond the price of the paid app. It is about paying for the Pro app at the time to unlock features that were not included in the free app. Then to take those features away, and want more money is just bad business.

Now if you work for them, then I can understand your blinded support for this dick move.

Same here, paid for the Pro app, only to get hosed later. It was a great app, but I am not paying twice.

I am making do with Garmin Fit. It is not as robust, but has everything I need, plus the connect.garmin.com web portal has lots of ways to view your data.

To all those who buyed the pro version:

So why don't we boicot the app on the playstore by giving it lots of 1 star review?
I've done it allready, now you're next.

I've used Endomondo on Android for about 18 months. Very frequently on upgrade the app stops working correctly. Doesn't maintain GPS link, doesn't measure track correctly, stops tracking, exits during use, etc. All "help" on the web site suggests problem with Endomondo installation or device. Is a continuing theme. It's not their problem it's your problem. This despite other apps continuing to work and/or no other changes on device. Last two updates, 8.7.0 and 8.7.1, completely bollixed app and it doesn't acquire GPS or track workout. Bad engineering and failure to believe customer experiences.

Shut up moaners. I used this for free for a year. Excellent app. I paid next to nothing for the pro version and it has been excellent. They spent ages developing an excellent new version with features not in the original. They need to recoup their investment. I have tried the new training programme and it is excelent. I dont mind paying for a superb App. You bought the app, you loved it. Now a new one comes along and you cry. Shut up and run.