Good news for UK smartphone owners that are on the EE network. From July 1st if you travel into Europe your roaming bills are going to be a wee bit cheaper!

Roaming charges have traditionally been ridiculously high in all parts of the world but thanks to the European Union working towards reducing the costs for travellers we are now making some real progress.

From 1st July the new EE charges will be as follows:

  • Sending a SMS - 4.9p

  • Making a call - 15.6p per minute

  • Receive a call - 4.1p

  • If you don't take advantage of one of EE's data packages then you will be charged no more than 16.5p per MB

  • Data add-ons start from just £2.50 per day for 100MB

It's still far from being inline with our domestic charges but any reduction is a good one.


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EE in the UK to roll out reduced EU roaming charges from July 1st


that is still a dry bum $&€£ in eney ones eyes!

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Roaming charged are retarded considering you don't even get notified when what you're doing is considered roaming.

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Roaming is disabled by default on most phones these days, I think?

Though I have one gripe with roaming. My carrier doesn't charge anything extra when roaming on their 3 partner networks in other countries. The problem is, you have to enable roaming, and by doing that the phone can jump to any network provider on the approved roaming list. The phone often jumps to another not-3 network if the signal is too weak, and I will get a big fat bill. :P

Not if you simply go into Network Settings, and enable MANUAL selection, for the foreign network of your choice. Admittedly, it then won't automatically select any one of the other possible free partner networks this way, but it WILL prevent you changing to a different Foreign network that is not free under your partner deal, and thus will prevent any Roaming costs, quickly and easily. If you then find you have not signal on the manually chosen network, you can then instigate another manual scan yourself to see if a different free partner network is then available and manually choose that instead...

I'm an EE customer and I'm traveling to Italy next week. Solution - Bought a 3 pay as you go sim card, topped up with £15 and I get 300 mins, 2000 texts and unlimited browsing that with their new 'feel at home' plan that comes with pay as you go, I can take it with me to Italy. The rest of the British carriers are a joke when it comes to roaming!

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damo - have you had that sim active for more than 30 days ? I believe you have to before you can "roam" and take advantage of their feel at home facility.

Firstly, I would be sure that your android phone can work in another zone. Heard stories that Samsung Note 3 for instance is location locked.The 3 sim sounds good but they have been know to have poorer connections and if you are using WIFI then it may cut out. We have always used Telestial or Go Sim as you know what charges you are going to get and they are specialists in this field.