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British operator EE's budget-centric "Kestrel" handset is now available on contract and Pay As You Go through the carrier's online and brick-and-mortar stores. Contract prices start at £13.99 per month, and on PAYG it costs just £99. Built by Huawei and heavily branded by EE, the Kestrel features a 4.5-inch qHD (960x540) display, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core CPU, a 5-megapixel camera and 8GB of storage.

EE hopes to compete with low-priced Android phones like the Moto G by including Cat. 4 LTE support in the Kestrel, allowing it to connect to its "double speed" 4G network. The device was announced around a month ago along with new, cheaper 4G LTE plans from the operator.

Source: EE

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seanjenkins says:


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s2weden2000 says:

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

mgolder81 says:

qHD and QHD are different. Quite why nobody thought of just naming it something else is beyond me though.

Little q means quarter. Big Q means quad.

seanjenkins says:


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ted leaf says:

anyone know which huawei its based on.
cheap 4G phone for daughter and a spare but not on ee's pricey tariffs and their crud customer "support"
and daughters needs to roam in europe and she needs to be able to use local.sims as well when abroad.
so i need model number to check its unlockable,even if ee do anunlock service now,they would charge the same price as phone! !!.

xorozu says:

My best guess is the Huawei Ascend G6 which is on sale at carphone warehouse I do believe!

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crispybbq says:

Something something new device, something something menu button. That aside, it's awesome that budget-friendly devices like this are cropping up... even if they have a button that should have died with Gingerbread... *quietly grumbles elsewhere*

Sean Burns1 says:

Looks nasty

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FaTaL_Err0r says:

Quite a bargain if unlockable