Changing things up a little bit this week. We — as in myself and the other Mobile Nations editors — are in Miami this week for our annual meet-up, wherein we work on long-term strategies for the next year or so. We might even do half of what we come up with.

But more important, it's a chance for us to look each other in the eye and remind ourselves that we're damned lucky to be able to this for a living. So, from all of us to all of you — thanks for reading. Thanks for giving us a hard time when you think we're wrong, and for giving us a chance when we think we know better.

You're a much a part of this little website — and all the Mobile Nations sites — as anyone here.


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From the editor's beach house ...


You guys rock. If you ever need anyone out in CA let Me know :)

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Yes. That's what happens when you spend 1500 on an iPhone ! android intervention specialists come to the rescue ... Lol

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Aw, that was nice of you guys to include the Kevin, kind of a send off I guess since he probably won't be there next year.*

*I'm joking here guys, of course.

It would be great to see all you guys doing a regular podcast to argue, I mean have an adult discussion about everything that's going on in all the mobile lands.

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That would actually be pretty cool. You guys are always so nice to each other when you discuss the different platforms. I'd love to see you guys discuss & debate the virtues & weaknesses of your specific platform. & don't be so cordial about it!

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..they're probably "cordial" because it's not that serious. Each have their strengths and weaknesses.

I wasn't actually thinking about the standard platform wars chat, there's far to many of them. More on the lines of how new services and apps effect each platform and the uses. Also on how brand strategies and developments help push the industry forward for all.

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The only suggestion that I could possibly come up with for you fine gentlemen is that most of you seem way to slanted towards the Nexus. It is a class of its own. Just like the Note.

Comparing a nexus to a skinned device is apples to crab apples.

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Why? what in my comment would make you pity me? The lack of "a" in my name? I made an honest comment and you Nexus fanbois are on it.

Thanks for proving the point

Think that party rock's? Wait until you see the Mobile Nations moderators get together and party!

AC Forums Moderator

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Ok since you're in the neighborhood why don't one of you stop in Orlando to help me put Android on my Touchpad?

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PS why don't you guys give some discussion to giving the Hisense Sero Pro a forum of its own! It's the most under appreciated tablet out there and deserves some loving!

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Great stuff guys. I hope you're having a blast. And thank you for Talk Mobile Nations it was such a refreshing change.

Hey I've been enjoying Talk Mobile immensely, nice to see you all are hanging out together discussing real issues.

One of the main reasons I like the show is just seeing how all platforms can coexist and help each other improve.

Just let Kevin know he got me through some really rough times in my BlackBerry days, and I'll always be appreciative and wish him continued success.

"You're a much a part of this little website — and all the Mobile Nations sites — as anyone here."
That being the case can I have a raise? :)

Hey Phil,

Get a "HP Slate 21" in for review please! I have need for two of these and would appreciate a review. I noticed them on sale and shipping today.


"You're a much a part of this little website — and all the Mobile Nations sites — as anyone here."

Really? Thanks for the invite! You heard that fellas! Phil said to come on down!

Update: Just watched the video... Why do I get the feeling this might turn into The Hangover Part 4?

Time to find Kevin a new job me thinks. Convert him to Android please.
Crackberry is the site that got me truly hooked on smartphones.

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What you guys need is roving reports from a "cranky old guy" who still can't grasp the notion of having even one Facebook follower. Neither Derek or Kevin qualify, but I'm told that I'd be perfect for the job.

My only suggestion for the site would be (more) manual moderation of the blog comments. Some of the platform hate I'm seeing reminds me of BGR ... And not in a good way.

The Passport system is great but it also has the side effect of making it a whole lot easier to troll the other sites.

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