Popular language learning app, Duolingo, has pushed out an update to its Android app that introduces support for Android Wear. It isn't alone right now – several popular apps are pushing similar updates – but it's exciting stuff nevertheless.

Android Wear support is all that's listed as being new in this update. From the screenshots available in the Google Play Store its clear that things have been kept simple, and presumably there will be plenty of opportunity to put voice actions to use in this one. Grab the latest version from the Google Play Store link up top ahead of your Android Wear smartwatch landing on your doorstep.


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Duolingo puts language learning on Android Wear


This is insane, these wear apps are flying in. Did not expect this at all.

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6,000 developers at Google i/o. You would expect that many of them were there for Android Wear waiting for the SDK to come out. That's why the apps are flying in.

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Yup. This is wonderful. Anyone interested in the platform should email developers of their favorite apps that they think would be useful on Android Wear, and ask them to update. I've started to do that. Let's let them know we're interested in the platform!

I don't think I understand how this app would be improved by Wear. Evernote alone is enough to make me buy the gwatch, but duo lingo, which I use everyday, makes no sense to me.

Translation instantly without even having to pull your phone out of your pocket for time sensitive situations or in circumstances where pulling out your phone is not acceptable or rude or not allowed etc

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But Duolingo doesn't translate for you. It's just a bunch of exercises for learning a language. I use the app for over an hour each day, but I can't imagine using our on a watch. I suppose we'll see very soon.

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Maybe Duolingo is planning to introduce a translate feature in the future. The Wear support is probably the first step to the implentation.

Can you learn a new language "easily" using this app.

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No app is a magic wand that will grant you fluency.. That said, this app is one of the best. The exercises will break the back of the grammar without discussing grammar. You still need to hear a native speaker to really grasp the pronunciation. I'm about 3 weeks into Portuguese (1/2 hour a day) and I can read with the occasional aid of a dictionary.

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Could imagine sending individual quiz/rewarmer questions to the Wear device, which would be way more convenient than using the phone to do a duolingo 10 question quiz or whatever.

Every couple hours, or whenever, get asked "How do you say 'The girls eat the sandwiches'?" Could be pretty useful.

"Okay Google (Now). How do you say 'Where is the bathroom' in Russian?

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