Dungeon Hunter 3 adds multiplayer support

Gameloft's free fantasy hack-and-slash game, Dungeon Hunter 3, now lets players team up or duke it out online with new co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. 

As usual, you chose one of multiple standard classes, and defend against waves of monsters for as long as your weapons, armor, and powers will allow you. 

As with most of Gameloft's free titles, this one's rife with in-app purchases, but I never found them particularly intrusive in the time that I put into Dungeon Hunter 3. To start slaying some dragons with buddies, hit up the download link below. 

Download: Dungeon Hunter 3 (Free)


Reader comments

Dungeon Hunter 3 adds multiplayer support


I remember downloading this game when it came out, and I really wasn't impressed by it. The enemies didn't really react to your attacks and you need them to do something as a form of feedback.

Welcome to my boat. It's called the HTC Evo 4G LTE. . .

It too is completely incompatible with a ton of games. . .

A lot of apps probably just need to be tested and added to the compatibility list. Just give it some patience.

It's not compatible with any of my devices and my friend can't install it either. Must be something borked. Plus there are lots of incompatibility reviews so it sounds like it's not worth it at all right now, if ever.

I just bought a Transformer TF300 and I also very quickly learned that virtually no Gameloft are compatible with it.
And now that I've got that nice large tablet screen I'm really not feeling all that excited at the prospect of playing the games on my Galaxy S2 instead (I've never really used it much for gaming, I simply don't care for it on such a small screen).