Today a new version of Dropcam for Android is hitting Google Play. This one heads up to version 3.0 and is sporting some new features and design enhancements to make for a better user experience. In addition to a new activity feed and customizable alerts, setting up a Dropcam from your Android device is now much easier as well.

Here's whats new:

  • An All-New Activity Feed: View and filter recorded video by the specific activities that Dropcam learns about over time.
  • Customizable Activity Categories and Alerts: Manage labels, colors and alerts for learned activities on-the-go.
  • Fast Mobile Setup: Set up Dropcam Pro wirelessly using your Android device.

Those who use the cloud recording feature can now review videos more easily in the new Activity Feed. You'll also be able to receive more relevant notifications with the new customizable alert settings.

A note for mobile setup as well — currently only users with a Nexus 5, or a Samsung device running Android 4.3 or later, will be able to use this feature.


Reader comments

Dropcam for Android updated with new activity feed and customizable alerts


It's certainly attractive, but given the severe constraints of using only a Nexus 5 or Samsung device on 4.3 or greater, and the apparent lack of ability to point the camera remotely, this just wouldn't work for me.

I already have remotely pointable IP cameras that work with my PC's, Synology, and mobile units that were less expensive than the Dropcam.

I'm pretty sure those devices are only used to set the camera up via bluetooth. Otherwise you can use ios or your computer. I can control my Dropcam with kids iPod touch and I used my Nexus 10 tablet also.

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Wow, just looked up the Dropcam and they are incredibly expensive! I have a hand full of wireless cams around my house that I paid about $40 for and recently just picked up a set of Dlinks w/ the cloud option for $50 (2 cams!).