A short but sweet change log wraps up today's update

Dropbox got updated today, with one very small, but very irritating bug being fixed — the broken camera auto-upload. Previously, users on Android 4.4.2 were forced to open the app and manually upload their pictures, as background uploading was not working as intended. In addition, now you can choose to upload only pictures to your Dropbox, and eave the videos on your phone to take care of later.

While this bug affected very few devices, we're glad to see such a timely fix. Go grab it.


Reader comments

Dropbox update fixes Camera Upload issues


Thank you!!!!

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5

I am still on older version and it has always worked on my Nexus 5 so it must only be with the most recent updates.

I had to uninstall the update because the app stopped working completely with the new version. Would force close before even opening. I haven't had any problems with the older version and camera uploads.