Droid with Froyo

For those of you still patiently waiting for your original Motorola Droid to get the Android 2.2 update pushed out to you, fear not. Verizon hasn't forgotten you. The carrier just issued a statement saying:

The Android 2.2 ("Froyo") upgrade continues to be rolled out in phases to DROID by Motorola users on the Verizon Wireless network. Later this summer users will be able to download Adobe Flash Player 10.1 from the Android Market.

So Froyo and Flash are coming. If you don't have your update yet, hang tight. And we should all see Flash (finally) in the coming weeks.

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Laalipop says:

Weird, I got mine yesterday.

studepaber says:

Still waiting! (and being impatient hah)

paulus says:

I'm kinda sick of "later this summer".

Mange says:

It's already later this summer!!!!

Jimmy_Choo says:

They should have rolled out based on purchase date and time. Those who got it first, get it first. If they are scared this roll out will hurt their network and bog it down I hate to see what the iPhone would do to it.

durthquake says:

Good thing verizon isn't getting the iphone! - with phones likethe incredible and the droid x with froyo coming (and gingerbread eventually) who needs an iphone!! Don't get brainwashed into thinking the iphone is anything but mediocre!!!

dangerboy13 says:

iPhone data usage (per phone) is much lower than this, and updates are deployed via iTunes, not over the air.

dsturman says:

I totally agree. Early adopters should get priority.

We have two original Moto Droids in our family & we are both STILL WAITING... Come on Google & Verizon- Take care of your loyal early adopting customers.

profitguy says:

Every day I see people with Droids and they tell me they got their update and wonder if I have gotten mine. Uggh! Frustrating!

igor707 says:

Still waiting! New York

alphabets says:

y dont u just manually update?

chad_b says:

Yeah, still waiting here as well. Don't worry about "later this summer" for Flash...Summer ends Sept. 21 and we all know that Verizon is good about things coming out on time...wait, that's not right.

Salacon says:

I had the update waiting for me when I got up this morning. Good times.

aplusjimages says:

Any word on other phones? DInc owner here.

dcreed says:

I read something about the 18th.

Still waiting here (impatiently) in New York. Hope I get it soon.

Well, at least I know I'm not the only one still waiting.

brak014 says:

Is this first 2.2 build or the second one, and are we going to get that second update if ever, cuz 2.2 is so laggy and slow on my DROID

rcpa says:

Froyo killed my Droid. I waited for the OTA update, which arrived this morning. Clicked install and when it was done it started rebooting, but never left the screen with the Motorola logo. Two and a half hours later (and still on the Motorola logo screen), I took it to a verizon store where they declared it dead and are FedEx-ing me another one.

MissMe says:

Same thing happened to me late last night. my Froyo excitement was met with the death of my first droid. Waiting for my new one...in agony

DemonI81 says:

Got mine the other day. Now my custom ringtones don't work, even though they are set.

Everything else is much better though.

fizzlefist says:

Woke up yesterday morning to the update notification. Pretended it was a snooze button, hit it, went back to sleep... Woke up again an hour later and Froyo was there!

dcreed says:

Manually did it on Friday. Wish I hadn't.

Not impressed. Linpack and Quadrant say it's faster, and maybe it is, but it's got some annoying things, too.

Exit an application to get back to Home (now called Launcher) and icons are all gone; have to wait 10-20 seconds for them to come back. Regardless of what screen you were on when you left the Launcher, always goes back to the default screen; I guess the Android folks could learn from LauncherPro a bit. Doesn't seem to connect to my WiFi at home by default now.

On the plus side, the Gallery updates immediately with pictures you took, rather than taking 8-12 hours.

mylesj00 says:

Just received the OTA update at about 1230ET today.

I agree with everyone that early adopters should get the OTA first. I got frustrated and installed the manual one and it is just fine. To everyone who hasn't done it, I am telling you it is worth it. Nothing can go wrong as long as you do as the guide helps. Last night though I took it a step further and rooted. Too be honest, everyone should root. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Just get Easyroot, setCPU, and ROM manager and you are good to go. I'm overclocked to 1.1 and getting better battery life and speed than ever before.

finanandroid says:

The true about Android in the iphone fan boy eyes.



some true thoughts.

hotkoko says:

still waiting. 3pm. new york

meccariello says:

Got my froyo yesterday
Zero issues.
Truly breathes new life and speed into my Droid.
I am stock...no rooting
I do wish that the stock email client (not gmail) let you clean out trash easier

SillyMammo says:

"Froyo killed my Droid. I waited for the OTA update, which arrived this morning. Clicked install and when it was done it started rebooting, but never left the screen with the Motorola logo. Two and a half hours later (and still on the Motorola logo screen), I took it to a verizon store where they declared it dead and are FedEx-ing me another one."

Ditto! I should be getting my replacement on Wednesday. Major suckage!

hotkoko says:

you dhould have INSISTED they give you a Droid 2. Since they dont make droids anymore and that there ALL used and refurbished

hotkoko says:

530PM Long Island New York and still no update

I just wanted to say I got my update today. so happy

hotkoko says:

so what does the update include? i know that its not the same as phones that have froyo already pre installed.

hotkoko says:

oh yeah, almost 630pm long island still no update

a1locjaw says:

5:30 PM here... Arizona number situated in Wisconsin.. no sign of Froyo yet...

DROIDEd says:

Received the update on 8-11, everything is great! (Chicago). Heard that if you update manually, you don't get the update notification. Have also heard MANY issues with updating manually. Wait for Verizon to push it!
I have been a customer with Verizon since the very beginning and had the same cell-phone account for over 13 years and am very satisified...they take care their customers...don't worry!
They have the best network hands down...be patient.

lfinch says:

Phoned Verizon and Motorola, but still no Froyo! Very impatient, and afraid to try the manual update. Verizon and Motorola keep providing dates, but these dates have come and gone and I am still without this update. Very disappointed in the service that is being provided!!!!!

hotkoko says:

manual update didnt work on my phone, wouldnt let me down load the zip file. And I to have been a loyal VZW customer for like 8 yrs. very happy

hotkoko says:


I got my 2.2 update Friday morning. I'm an overall fan of Froyo, but it has slowed my Droid down instead of making it faster. When I go to my text messages it takes forever for my conversations to load with any contact or message information. I like the improvements but miss how quick my Droid performed on 2.1. Anyone else having this problem?

Jerzboy21 says:

OK I got my update from Verizon last week! Since the update my phone has been all messed up! I have had the following problems:
-The touch screen goes nuts when I try to unlock the phone!
-When I finally get to the password screen, it starts typing itself and the touch screen becomes unresponsive!
-The dial screen has crashed several times!
-Phone actually bought a paid app all by it's self in my pocket! Now I have to get my money back!
-When I finally get the phone to unlock, the touch screen in completly inaccurate!

Anyone else having these problems????

hotkoko says:

still no update. long island 930am

ndotym says:

This is nerve wrecking, no update as of the Aug 17, pacific time is Verizon going to send the update to the rest of us or will they find yet another problem and pull it again. I'm beginning not to care. the phone works and I'm not a hard core internet junkie, My podcast play and I can receive calls and text.. oh well. Verizon if you're reading this fourm Please give us a answer.

hotkoko says:

Same problem here in the east coast. Long Island. its about 945 pm and still no update

rcpa says:

I got mine Monday, but it killed my phone and the replacement is supposed to arrive today. (I bet it won't have Froyo on it) However, my wife's Droid is still waiting for the update.

a1locjaw says:

Finally got my OTA update noti this morning.

Zeta4 says:

Wife.com got hers yesterday but I still have nothing. Of course I'm the one who's been checking for the past 2 weeks multiple times a day. Should have gone manual. Hoping my patience pays off today. In SoCal.

studepaber says:

Waited and waited for the OTA but ended up just doing the manual update today. Glad I did works great!

jbunney81 says:

still waiting impatiently. it was faster getting Brett Favre to return to the Vikings than getting the froyo ota

drbellard says:

Woke up this morning to my Droid alarm clock on the dock, and guess what? The software update was ready for download. I'm in the DC metro area. I can't wait to test the new features. I already like the fact that my Outlook calendar is finally working! That corporate calendar is gone, and it was useless. Great for new users, but I'd already purchased Touchdown. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Dutty74 says:

I still haven't gotten Froyo...I'm so pissed right now. I'm tired of hearing that other people have gotten it and I haven't as yet.

I finally got mine, woke up in the middle of the night, and there it was on my phone. Yay!!!

Finally got it in the middle of the night. Phone's fine, no brick. Seems to run faster, but I haven't done much with it yet.

ima_unc_fan says:

Had Froyo for breakfast. Like it so far. Phone seems to run a little faster. Maybe it's because it forced me to reboot. First time in a few weeks....

Oh...I'm in the 919...

Aviedo says:

Here it is Aug 19th with all rumors saying the update would be complete by the 18th and I still did not get mine. I'm in NJ. Anyone else skipped over?

You are not alone. I still haven't received mine, either.

Diestr01 says:

Still waiting in DC

Dupi Juez says:

My wife got the update last night and it broke her phone. Now it gets stuck on the moto screen.

dofstad says:

Still waiting here in Montana, too. I got mine right when it was released, so evidently they don't go in order of purchase. :(

Aviedo says:

Stopped at the Verizon store this morning and was told the update is still being pushed and it is done by serial # not date of purchase.

Aviedo says:

Finally got my update yesterday at 5:00 PM DST. Overall it seems to be a positive experience although it did cause a few of my apps to stop functioning properly. The ones effected are Memory Booster (upgraded version) Advanced Task Killer (ATK) and my Droid Light. The update caused my SWYPE keybord to stop working but that was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling it. I am assuming that many of the apps will be putting out updates to improve their performance with 2.2. The new Google Voice Control is a super new function allowing the user to control not only searching but navigation, listening to music, texting and email by voice.