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OK, OK. We get it. Someone screwed the pooch.

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DroidDoodle - Still a Nexus -- really


Okay, I feel stupid. Can some one explain this to me? And doesn't the blogger look kinda look like he was drawn for South Park? At least in the eyes?


all nexuses are supposed to be pure google, but the verizon tweaking and omitting features for their galaxy nexus, making it less nexus-like.


The nexus line is dead it either died with samsung making the nexus device for the second time in a row and calling it a galaxy device or when Verizon officially said we are putting our branding on the back and putting bloatware on the phone ore for one final right hook from Verizon they took out Google wallet off of it and block apps from the Market.

Uh, no. It's because the bloggers claimed that the Galaxy Nexus was no longer supported by AOSP, when it still was. Hence the "screwed the pooch" link.