DroidDoodle - Short attention spans
Now that ASUS has calmed everyone down, what's next on the pitchfork agenda?

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Mtn_Scott says:

Tee hee...

CeluGeek says:

Not sure if tablet too small or phone too big.

gsmalleus says:

Hey now, I bought my tablet and phone because they had unlocked boot loaders.

OldFogeyRPB says:

I bought my phone and tablet because they do everything I need them to without lifting the bonnet (aka voiding the warranty :-)
Love this doodle...

BigSplendor says:

I wish we had real tech journalists who would research things like locked boot-loaders for consumers. It sucks having to wait for another consumer to purchase the device and report back.

KillerG says:

Probably Motorola, they were supposed to have unlocked bootloaders by now, and people are starting to get pissed off over at Rootzwiki XD