DroidDoodle - Quad-core

Don't even ask where his fifth companion core is.


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DroidDoodle - Quad-core


So I see even the Predoodles have abandoned ship and migrated to androidcentral... Thumbs up!


Didn't abandon ship...I am only spreading the love. :)  You can now catch my doodles on all the Mobile Nations sites. Since Android is my mobile OS of choice, I am really excited to finally be a part of Android Central though!

first matias.. now the pre-doodle.. life sucks for palm fans.. i used to love you webOS.. hp destroyed you..

LOL! But I'm pretty sure that Palm destroyed Web-OS with the last-possible-minute arrival of the PRE, the mediocre hardware, the slow software, the poor marketing etc. etc. Please don't get me wrong... I was the first one out of my sprint store in Mesa AZ with a on OG Pre... but HP didn't kill web-OS... they just indadvertedly put it out of its misery.

But I totally agree... Glad Matias is on the winning team now... and it warmed my heart to see a VERY familiar doodle! Welcome to Android Central Jason!