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Don't poke the iPad.

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DroidDoodle: Don't poke the iPad


lol ^^' most likely if not iPad there would be no Android tablets, i remeber at day of iPad announced everyone was doubting idea of tablet with mobile phone like OS, now it's all about Android better then iPad ;p

This market will turn circle with Windows 8, which in x86 tablets it wlll be able to run desktop applications, same as pre-iPad tablets always did, wonder how Apple and Google will respond to that. I'm not suprice that MS trying to attack tablet market this way


Which is why Apple went from 95% tablet market share to 69% within a year. You can always tell an Apple fan--but you can't tell them much.

Well let's see... 978346956874233623472346792436427396432796432 Android tablets (P.S.: Many of them on Gingerbread) vs 1 iPad, and the iPad still wins! Well that is interesting...
And how many apps were optimized for Android tablets? Oh yeah, I forgot that even major companies don't care apps for Android tablets.
Samsung has the most popular Android tablet in the market, but it's still not selling well. They admited it! And Motorola too, the Xoom sold MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH less than the iPad.

Funny number. If I were you I would have typed 3.14159265358979323846264338327950...and do you know anything about trends? iOS just had a headstart; Android is a relatively new player when it comes to tablets - I mean, real ones. Just like how WP7 is growing in the phone market. Are you sure iPad will always be leading?
FYI there are 3 iPads, not one. And most Android tablets are on 3.x now.
How many iOS apps are optimized for the iPad? Are you sure they are really optimized, or do developers simply scale up the iPhone apps they have made? The big 4:3 iOS isn't really a tablet OS IMHO, it is just an enormous iPod Touch for kids.
The Xoom is a favourite to many, I must say. It is a precious developer device.
BTW admitted, not admited.

Yes, I am sure the iPad apps are optimised because I use them. iPad apps actually use the extra screen space, whereas most Android apps haven't been updated for tablets yet, so the Xoom is just a big Android phone. The 4:3 aspect ratio is better for browsing, while 16:9 is better for video. I use my iPad to browse the web much more than to watch video.
Hahha Windows Phone is growing, that was funny. Microsoft's presence in the smartphone market decreased in the last quarter. Don't say Android is new to the tablet thing. The Galaxy Tab came out in the same year of the original iPad, and the first Honeycomb tablet came out in January 2011. Yes, the iPad will ALWAYS lead as the 1# tablet in sales just like the iPhone leads the 1# in smartphone sales.

BTW, I'm not american, I can make mistakes ;)

actually android apps can be resized to fit tablets and phone , try running a non tablet app on an ipad.

THAT is the problem! Most apps have already been updated to use the extra screen space on the iPad, while most apps on Android tablets are just a stretched out version of the smartphone app.

stretched out not exactly that what iOS does Android was built with different screen size in mind. Let me explain in simple English
Android is like a window, a larger window let see more thing outside.
iOS is like a picture, a larger the picture just makes thing bigger.

Not all apps work this way. But if only 10 percent of the apps works that 40,000 apps.
On iOS there is no exceptions you must redegin every single app.

Hey rotkiv3451,

Try bookmarking your comment, haven't you forgotten that iPhone was totally outselling Android smartphones before because they had a headstart?

what happened now? do your math fanboy.. lol!

Actually they do. When a developer makes an app do you think they will choose the tablet that sold 500.000 or 17.000.000 units?

I love Android. I do. I'm a Galaxy Nexus/ICS/Android fanboy. But Apple takes the cake on the tablet market as of this moment. Not saying Google won't strike back with whats rumored to be coming, but they need to get devs more active in the production of tablet-optimized Android apps and put out more consistent/quality products. I'm sick of Samsung/Asus releasing like 15 tablets a year. I can't keep track of them all.

Yea, on iPad 3 Apple keynote they been showing off lacks of tablet optimization in Android (you know companies like to bite each other on keynotes and Google do that too ;]), Devs are still more interested on AppStore then Android probably because its easier to make money on AppStore then on Android where people expect things for free, but on other hand Android SDK is more accessible then iPhone so they take all the smaller devs that also makes some useful apps

Love these post from Fanboys, Apple one size and price fit alls. Android Tablets give you a choice, price, size and features. Could you imagine a world with only one car?

Personally I HAAAAAATE having so much choice. When I wanna buy an iOS phone, it's the iPhone, it's the only one, no one will have a better one, I'll get everything I expect from it. When I wanna buy an Android phone (which I do right now) I can't choose between them. The RAZR is thin, but it has a pentile SAMOLED with a low resolution. The Galaxy S2 is the fastest and smoothest phone, and also has the best camera, but it has a low res screen. The Galaxy Nexus has a beautiful display and runs stock ICS, but it has a bad camera. It's such a mess!!!!!! I get why there is only 1 iPhone, users don't WANT to choose, for god's sake. I haven't been sleeping well because of that decision, cause I'll have to stick with it for at least a year

I like the amount of choice. I prefer Moto phones because of the radio and build quality.

I am with you on the variations in quality of camera, screen, processor. Before the RAZR I didn't even like taking photos with my phone(s), Storm1, Droid X, Droid Bionic, because of picture quality and shutter lag. Now I am more than willing & excited to do so! The RAZR is super fast and gets lots of detail with little "noise"

It's funny how you say "When I wanna buy an iOS phone, it's the iPhone, it's the only one, no one will have a better one" as if there are a lot of iOS phones out there. Ha.

Resolution of the screen affects you? really? so you're better of watching an HD movie on a 3.5" rather than 4.3"? oh wait.. and games? I like choices, I hate the screen size of iPhone, I hate unflexibility of it. It's such lame and GAY!!!! I think most of the smartphone user's WANT choice.. and as a Human, choice is the best gift given to consumers, unless you are one..

you pointed one miss for each device that's why you are choosing iphone with lots of misses? for god's sake. hypocrite.

Henry Ford once said that car buyers can "have any color they want - as long as it's black" and Ford only had one model - the Model T. Maybe someday Apple will have as much variety as Ford does today... maybe. In the meantime, I'll stick with the variety offered by Android.

Well. You do have iPhones with different specs, lower or newer generations of it, and you can choose the color and the storage.

Does personal preference mean anything anymore? I played with my wife's iPad 2 for months while waiting to get my Android tablet while keeping an open mind. Honestly, I found bugs in the iPad 2 that I was surprised to find like playback issues and lag with the YouTube app. I stuck with Android and am now extremely happy with my ASUS TF Prime. it actually exceeded my expectations. I don't care what kind of tablet you use as long as you enjoy it and it fits into your daily life like a tablet should. Everyone enjoy your tablets and shut the hell up :)