Motorola Droid X2

Look what we have here -- why, that's the as-yet-still-unannounced Motorola Droid X2.  We don't have a whole lot of new information to go with, but it matches up with previous leaks (here and here), and we see it's running Froyo -- Android 2.2.2, to be exact -- though that may very well change before this one gets on the shelf.  It carries the same Droid X styling as last year's model, complete with the physical buttons and humped back, and we see HDMI out beside the microUSB port.  Around back we see an 8MP shooter with a dual flash setup, and the words "HD Video".  Still no sign of LTE on it, but we wouldn't rule it out completely just yet.  This all matches up with what we heard before regarding the Droid X2's specs.

As for when we'll see it? We've heard that that leaked roadmap from a week or so ago isn't completely accurate, and that some phones may drop sooner than we think, which would be just fine by us.

Hit the break for the rest of the pics. You'll be glad you did.  Thanks, Anonymous!

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Droid X2

Droid X2

Droid X2

Droid X2

There are 18 comments

MOTOX2 says:

Dam, too bad i threw his old brother out on ebay.....then somehow lightning struck and a thunderbolt was in its for this. MOTOBLAH, might as well his ebay because its a lot slower than lightning, locked, and laggier. :)


dacp283 says:

This is a waste imho. I mean its what I have with one less button 1gig of ram and new blur? Who in their right mind is going to spend the money on this versus X1

jazzbassist1 says:

I feel like I'm being duped whenever I read about this. I swear people are just taking pictures of their DX anand claiming it's new hardware. Why Motorola would build 2 phones with the same form factor is beyond me.

Samisgr8 says:

Seems to have worked out ok for them with the OG Droid & Droid 2...same form factor there...why fix something that ain't broke?

Dutchmasta says:

exxactlllly... i dont understand peoples' thinking when they say, "why does this version look like the last one?" are u frickin kidding me? ITS SUPPOSE TO B THE SAME F******* PHONE U *******, just better. damn people are dumb. what the hell do u want them to do to it? give it wings?

heraldo says:

They make new cars look the same for five years in a row. I think I'm okay with this

dacp283 says:

I'd be ok with the same look as long as it was a different phone on the inside. LTE, FFC, dual core, and the new blur and I'd be ok.

hybrid86 says:

Blur AND an encrypted boot loader? How could you buy just one?

justatest#AC says:

wierd, says 2.2.2 but looks like my 2.3.3 gingerbread

lilnate says:

that is true..i didnt really notice the notification bar at definitely is in the design of gingerbread....nice notice

ObsidianGT says:

Looks like it may be able to use the existing DX accessories (such as cases, docks and mounts).

dante501 says:

Same look same ugly like the old one. Waste.

tgrant1975 says:

NOTHING CHANGED.... STILL UGLY!!! It's not always what's on the inside that counts, u have to have some kind of good looks.

Its lik moto is getting like samsung with how there phones don't change much sammys getting a lil better tho

johncihak says:

Droid X2 with 2.2 - Same on the outside as DroidX. Why bother posting pictures??

p.s. I sure am glad I didn't get suckered into that single core Thunderbolt battery hog. Lookin'forward to the DX2

bladerunn3r says:

I'm looking forward to that other phone leaked about a while ago - the one with metallic trim, and modern updated styling - that looks more like the spiritual successor to the DX. Called the tegre, or terga, or something like that. That should be the real DX2. Too bad.


66racer says:

I have a DX (liberty 2.0.1) and if it gets LTE I would CONSIDER it, That means all my dx accesories would still work, like car dock and case, and for those who have the desk docking station...thats why moto is doing it possibly. BUT I dont think I can say no to the bionic but 512mb ram seems weak for a phone like that.