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We've known now for quite some time that it was coming but for all you Droid X owners out there, the v4.5.621.MB810 update is now rolling out to the masses.  As noted in the change log, this release covers a lot of bug fixes:

  • Prevents lockups or resets after the Over the Air (OTA) update.
  • OTA update notice screen displays the correct estimated update time.
  • Improved browser security with the Google Security Patch from Android 2.3.6.
  • Fixed issue where the device may power ON without user interaction.
  • Resolved possible device resets while playing music.
  • Adjusted camera settings will be saved, even after the device is powered down.
  • Reduced Out of Memory errors.
  • WAV files can be played from Visual Voice Mail.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.
  • Improved stability of Music Player reduces resets.
  • Shortcuts to applications remain on the device even after applications are moved to the SD card.
  • Improved connectivity with 3G Mobile Hotspot data connectivity.
  • Addressed error that replicated thumbnails in message threads.
  • Corrected errors where Yahoo! mail notifications were not displayed properly.
  • Reduced duplicate message errors.
  • Improved ability to access and receive Gmail when the Mobile Hotspot is turned on.
  • Sorted contact groups.
  • Device recognizes Multimedia ringtones after purchase.
  • Button background lighting turns off while in the desktop cradle.

It's not Ice Cream Sandwich sadly but it's a massive update either way. Go ahead and check for software updates, it should be there. If not, sit tight it will be along shortly and don't forget to drop by the Android Central Droid X forums and let us know how it's working out for you when you get it.


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Droid X update v4.5.621.MB810 now rolling out to the masses


Also, if you flash this you will no longer be able to SBF back to previous versions. Which could be problematic.

yep, lost root.

Got root back quick with Droid 3 Easy Root, script v7. Just like it was. Titanium, root explorer, reset widget, etc all work fine now.

Did you Unroot prior to the OTA update, or just run the script after the OTA to Root it again? Mine is sitting there Rooted, and I'm hoping can just restore Root afterward, as it appears you did.

Since I got the update and popup says it can't charge my battery since it's not a Motorola battery, which it isn't. What a bunch of crap!

It's good to know that they are still supporting the OG DX, but I have had no issues with the ROM I am running, Liberty 3 v2.0

You would think that would fix the bug where it does not play .wav files sent in an email attachment (i.e. voicemail from corporate email) but of course not. Other than that it is OK I guess.

Same thing here.

I previously used Droid 3 easy root script v7 to root my DX after a replacement DX with no problem. The problem I have now is that I can't do the update. I removed all traces of root (that I'm aware of) with OTA RootKeeper and then Ginger Unroot. Busybox and superuser are both off of my DX and none of my root apps will work. One would think my DX is unrooted........is it not? Any help would be appreciated.

I'm having the same exact thing happen to me. It downloads the update, after reboot I get "Software Update Failed"

Same thing here. For me, it's not worth digging any deeper into this update. It didn't say that it absolutely fixes the reboot problem with Google Music so whatever I'm not unrooting for that.

I agree... I'm up for a renewal in 2 months so I'll just wait instead of dealing with this update issue. A fix would be appreciated though just to feed my curiosity. I'll be checking the forums in the mean time.

Can somebody tell me how these two bullet points are different?
* Resolved possible device resets while playing music
* Improved stability of Music Player reduces resets

While it is nice that they have attempted to fix the droid x yet again, one thing is always missing: Random 3G/Wifi drops.

Owning a Droid X myself and browsing the Motorola Support Forums for the DX, two things seem to be pretty consistent: Reboots and 3G/Wifi Drops.

Since wife updated, phone bluetooth will not stay connected with Prius and is causing battery drain now with Car Locator. Strange part is I don't see anything in bullets about bluetooth changes/updates.

I'm looking to upgrade my DX to a Galaxy Nexus in less than a month, and my DX is more stable today than it has been in over a year. I really don't need the grief of losing root at this point. As long as I reboot every five days or so, I'm trouble free.

My question is, what can I do to keep the OTA file from downloading and pestering my to update?