Motorola Droid X

If you just can't get enough of the Droid X prior to its expected announcement this week, head on over to Motorola, which has a sign-up page available. Not sure how badly your inbox will be bombarded, but that's a small price to pay, right? [MotorolaThanks, Mike!


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Droid X teased on Motorola's site, too


Cant wait for this one. Looking foward to tryin the new ninjablur over sense. I know sense is better but i actually think less is more sense has too many option i will not use. Anyone know if the cpu will be underclocked or was that just a refrence to the cpu power switching that comes with the x?

This phone does look pretty awesome. I would love to see a dogfight with the EVO and even the iPhone 4. It would be a battle of the overlords.

This was a very promising find for me...Happy to see that it is coming official from both verizon and motorola and the we will have this one in hand in no time...Can't wait for all the down and dirty details to finally come out...


I think this phone will be a tad more capable then the incredible. ive got my phone out most of the day i dont care about portability.

Can't wait for this. After playing with it for about 20 mins I feel in love. It would take a hell of a phone to draw me away from my Incredible, and this definitely fits that description

so you have an incred and have used the droid x before? asking cause my incred is on order but the x is looking way more appealing and im not crazy over sense im looking forward to trying motoblur.

Evo user...
I'm very jealous of the GPU in the Droid X. It sucks... I didn't know the Evo's Snapdragon sucks when playing intensive 3d games.

I don't think games on the Evo, Inc, or N1 will grow too much.
Snapdragon is going dual core by the end of the year, and that means that their GPU will get an upgrade.

I feel stupid. I'm a heavy multimedia user... the screen size is great, but then I realized the Adreno GPU is so behind.
So let's hope game developers consider the Android platform and all the HTC phones with snapdragons so they can make games revolving around those phones.

Anyway, me want new Droids.

I don't understand why you can't be happy with the Evo. I have it and I honestly love it. Sure, there are new phones coming out that have some pluses, but in the end, it's still an unbelievably awesome phone.

I just use gameboid and nesoid. Not to concerned about phone games. The Droid x looks good but I might hold out for a scorpion or at least a 4g Android phone from Verizon.

I'm going to have a tough decision between this and the Droid 2. I just hope the Droid 2 gets released around the same time or shortly after the X. Either phone will be a MONUMENTAL upgrade over my current Crapberry!

I can't wait to play with this damn thing. As a current Droid owne, I am looking forward to the Droid 2...but only ever so slightly, and its only cause of the hard QWERTY keyboard.

Other than that, the Droid X looks like a gorgeous piece of hardware, with which I shall fondle for years to come.

Beautiful Device indeed, I think I will wait for a 4g device from Verizon. Considering the fact that they will launching their first 4g device in less than a year. Droid X looks very promising though, I still like the overall look of the Evo in comparison.