Droid X update

Droid X owners are going to want to check their device for an OTA update, as Verizon says that software version 4.5.605.MB810 will be rolling out "soon." The 113 MB update is said to resolve keyboard stability and usability to "optimize performance during text entry." The OTA appears to be already arriving for some, but as always, if you haven't received it yet, sit back and relax, there's no need to panic. Shout out below when they keyboard fix finally hits, and check out the source link for detailed installation instructions.

Source: Verizon Wireless; Thanks imstillalive
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nisxan says:

I got mine this morning, around 6:30AM Central time.

moestepp#AC says:

I got mine last week...see the pic on twitter.com/moestepp

cmckeller217 says:

I got the update on Sunday morning. No huge improvements to speak of.

bladerunn3r says:

I got my a couple of days ago. I never had any problems with the keyboard - but I did have a host of other performance issues since gingerbread release. So far it seems more stable - we will see I guess.

freshmaker says:

These aren't the same. There is a rumored 113MB update out there that fixes who knows what. The keyboard update that started rolling out last week (got mine Thursday) is only 8MB.

droid83 says:

Let me know when the Thunderbolt update gets here. Do that for me.

droid83 says:

we need bread 2.3

rohneas says:

Mine's been trying to update since yesterday. I tell it to go ahead, it reboots, starts the update, and then fails and reboots.

I don't know if it is because I'm rooted or if it is something else. I haven't had any memorable issues with the keyboard or otherwise.

newboyx says:

Yep, its because you are rooted. Do not take otas if you are rooted.

cbenet says:

I'm rooted and the update worked for me. I didn't check to see if it unrooted or not. I just went through with the Motorola One Click Root again to be safe.

Pardon the off-topic comment, but which One-Click root are you referring to?

minardml says:

My guess is Pete's Motorola Root Tools.

KJX says:

Downloading it now. Here's hoping it fixes the issues I have been having for months.

KJX says:

I can use the multi-touch keyboard again, that's a major improvement from where I was before the update. Now if only this update fixed the random reboots.

revwill says:

Got it yesterday morning.

DarkSorrow says:

The update was under the 10MB. Where are you getting 118MB from.

imstillalive says:

From the instructions on Verizon's website.
Note: The size for this software upgrade may be up to 113MB. This may be a multiple set upgrade depending on your software version. If your device is not on a latest software version, please perform the steps in the section below twice.

mes215 says:

Didn't this happen last week? I got mine last Monday. So far, nothing's changed except that the keyboard is faster and nothing is broken that i notice, yet.

mindfawk says:

The Thunderbolt's is rolling out soon as well; announced on Verizon's website as well.


diverbelow says:

The keyboard update for the Droid X is NOT 113MB it is only 8 megs. My wife received the update last week.

ChanceNC says:

Installed mine this past Saturday. Keyboard seems to work flawlessly, aside from the fact that it cannot make me a better user of it. :)

heraldo says:

I got mine yesterday

gordol says:

Soon? I got it a few days ago. And now Widgestsoid is unreliable.

snppr22 says:

I got this last week. I gave it a try while rooted but it didn't take. I think it is because I had removed programs, and including the default Swype. I actually SBF'd back to .602 and took the OTA. It has really sped up my phone. So far only LP+ and TweetDeck have FC'd. Even SwiftKey is faster now. Motorola One Click had me rerooted in no time.

Boiblu3 says:

My girlfriend received this update a week ago. I didn't know what it was so I was coming to Androidcentral for the past week but no news. So thank you for the Info now that I know what she received.

PeterPhan says:

Just got prompted for this while out at lunch.

Postponing it until I get home and can download over Wifi.

amusick#AC says:

I can't stand the wait...

jeffwhite10 says:

So this "update" has slowed my X to a crwal. Apps take forever to load. Multiple force closes and freezes forcing me to do a bettery pull 2-3 times a day like I have my old Blackberry back! HELP!