Droid X Old Version

Have a Droid X? Have a new Droid X? Chances are it's now an "old version," as that's what some folks are seeing on their Verizon log-in screens. Couple of things this could mean.

  1. Could just be a hardware revision. The HTC Evo's undergone a few of them, but it's still an Evo.
  2. (And this is probably more likely) We'll soon (or not) see a new Droid X on arrive. There have been some purported leaked pictures that look a lot like a current Droid X, with more powerful specs under the hood.

Either way, it's a bit of intrigue. And that's the sort of thing we love around here. Thanks, @broadwayblues!

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JGarrido says:

Here ya go, this should clear things up:

You should really read each others blog posts, let alone those on other sites, sheesh :P

rorywohl says:

Um, maybe it's this version that you reported on yesterday:

"Droid X sees price, and internal memory drop"


hmmm says:

New version has 2GB memory card instead of 16GB and is cheaper. At least according to info posted in other places even in these forums.

agentlotek says:

LULZ! @ AndroidCentral.com Blogging FAIL!

PensHockey says:

Droid X new version and Droid X2 might be completely different.

trenen says:

That's what I'm thinking. Those leaked pics and specs don't seem 'extreme' enough to justify being a sequel...although this is Moto we are talking about. Maker of 20 different RAZRs with the same general body from start to finish.

I do think that it has to do with the 'new' Droid X being the 'gimped' Droid X. @sam_thomas, sorry that you didn't get the props you deserve.

**edit I almost forgot:


rion_j says:

i think Phil's a bit tired here from being in Spain. Seems to make perfect sense to me based on the previous story reported about the X with different specs/price.

DroidRage79 says:

LOL - This posting "seems to suggest" that you guys dont actually even read your own site... **headslap**

DroidRage79 says:

The redeeming thing for original droid x owners about the Droid X 'Lite' (2GB version) coming out means we should see an increase in the resale value of the Original X. I know my lauch-day unit will be going up for sale in a few months to pay for a new toy.

Johnny_Mac says:

I think the reduced memory of the new old droid X is to make the new new droid X (droid X2) seem much more appealing to the owners of the old old droid X to make them want to upgrade when it comes out.

abocornwall says:

this is probably just saying that its running 2.1 and not 2.2

Caveman419 says:

It has been changed to "Motorola Droid X 16GB Version" from the "Old Version"

BluePlate says:

Yeah, mine says "16GB Version" now.