Droid X Old Version

Have a Droid X? Have a new Droid X? Chances are it's now an "old version," as that's what some folks are seeing on their Verizon log-in screens. Couple of things this could mean.

  1. Could just be a hardware revision. The HTC Evo's undergone a few of them, but it's still an Evo.
  2. (And this is probably more likely) We'll soon (or not) see a new Droid X on arrive. There have been some purported leaked pictures that look a lot like a current Droid X, with more powerful specs under the hood.

Either way, it's a bit of intrigue. And that's the sort of thing we love around here. Thanks, @broadwayblues!


Reader comments

Droid X 'old version' seems to suggest a new version may exist


New version has 2GB memory card instead of 16GB and is cheaper. At least according to info posted in other places even in these forums.

That's what I'm thinking. Those leaked pics and specs don't seem 'extreme' enough to justify being a sequel...although this is Moto we are talking about. Maker of 20 different RAZRs with the same general body from start to finish.

I do think that it has to do with the 'new' Droid X being the 'gimped' Droid X. @sam_thomas, sorry that you didn't get the props you deserve.

**edit I almost forgot:


i think Phil's a bit tired here from being in Spain. Seems to make perfect sense to me based on the previous story reported about the X with different specs/price.

The redeeming thing for original droid x owners about the Droid X 'Lite' (2GB version) coming out means we should see an increase in the resale value of the Original X. I know my lauch-day unit will be going up for sale in a few months to pay for a new toy.

I think the reduced memory of the new old droid X is to make the new new droid X (droid X2) seem much more appealing to the owners of the old old droid X to make them want to upgrade when it comes out.