Droid X seen on episode of Community.

One of our forum members snagged this shot of Annie (Alison Brie) of NBC's "Community" showing off a picture of her lost pen on her Droid X.  This is the latest sighting in a string of TV shows featuring our favorite green android.

Android is popping up all over the place lately.  Anyone want to guess where we'll see it next? (My money is on "The Event.")  [via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Glenn!


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Droid X spotted in recent episode of 'Community'


They actually had a Nexus One on the Event this week. The computer hacker guru guy used one to blow up his apartment.

Actually in that episode (The Event) where they raid the police station, that bad chick had one I think. Looked like it was running sense.

I didn't say it was a Droid X. I'm referencing an episode of The Event, not Community.

All I saw was the black notification bar and what looked like Android-esque icons on it.

What kind of phone nerd do you have to be when Alison Brie is holding the phone and its the phone you're looking at?

I keep seeing new Windows phones on shows. They show it right up close with the actor using the interface, and I cringe every time. I just know people are watching the shows and thinking, "Wow, that looked cool. I'm going to have to get one of those!" I'm sure some even will without being educated about Android first. :-/

Looks like the people at Motorola & Verizon in charge of product placement in TV Shows have been busy the last couple of months.