Droid X with Adobe Flash

Now that your Droid X Android 2.2 update has arrived, it's time to get your Flash on. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 was included in the update, so you don't have to do anything. You can watch Flash videos, browse Flash-enabled websites, play Flash-based games -- and do it all immediately after the update. No muss, no fuss. What other new features are you enjoying? Share them in our Droid X update forum!


Reader comments

Droid X Froyo update includes Adobe Flash Player 10.1


Mine came installed already. However, it didn't show up as installed until I searched for and installed the Flash update that came out a day or two ago.

Ah, I searched Flash in the market and since it didn't say it was installed (and cause, you know, it installed when I clicked on it) I just assumed it wasn't there. So it probably was and I just installed the security update.

OK all done working great !! I Unrooted the phone right before download , and now tried to install the easy root once again and it works just fine !!!! Droid X w/Android 2.2 / Flash and ROOT !!!!!!

I was rooted through easy root, I unrooted and did the official 2.2 update and when I tried to root back it didn't work? It says that i'm rooted but I dont have root powers so it's not working for some reason, not sure if I did something wrong? How did you get easy root back on yours after the update?

Confirming the same. Did not come with the update. Had to manually download. Also remember to pick up Google Voice Search now that 2.2 is loaded.

Any problems with phone being slower after downloading Falsh 10.1? My phone is noticeably slower, just wondering if this application is the cause. Thanks