Motorola Droid X sampleMotorola Droid X sample picture

Sure, the Droid X is big. And it's going to be fast, no doubt. But how's that 8MP camera? A couple of images point to it being pretty darn good. The EXIF data says they're from the Droid X, and we'll have to hope they weren't touched up at all. And the end result? A decent 8MP picture. Hit the images above to open the original in a new window. [Alienbabeltech via BGR]


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Droid X camera samples look pretty good


That might make ok small prints, but at 100% the jpg artifacts are terrible.

Any chance for a software update that would allow saving at 100% quality, or better yet as a RAW or TIFF?

Point and Shoots aren't very good in general, but from what I think I'm seeing, this is a software issue.

I think my Evo shoots pictures just as good looking as these. It's the video I am really wondering about.

Edit: Don't forget that Evo also has dual flash. Helps out a lot for me to have twice the flash power.

Theres an app in the market called "Flash App" that turns on cameras flash...and it works just fine with the video