Droid X update

That update to the Droid X that we told you about last week has been pushed out to a few people today. For everybody left waiting, you can download a copy of the update form our forums, thanks to Joe92t.

Flashing is simple. Download the file from the Android Central Forums and copy it to your SD card. Then turn your phone off. Wait a second. Hold the power and home buttons until you see the exclamation point. Let go, and then press the search button. Then choose "apply sdcard:update.zip" to apply the update. Reboot, and you're good to go!

No, it's not Gingerbread -- though we fully expect the Droid X to get Gingerbread. What things update brings is a slew of fixes and improvements. Here are the big strokes:

  • Preloaded Madden NFL football game.
  • Preloaded Adobe Flash Player 10.1.
  • Preloaded MyVerizon application (v5).
  • Added Data Widget to home panel.
  • Improved Android OS Froyo stability
  • Fixes to Exchange Activesync
  • Fixes to Visual Voicemail

The EAS fixes actually are the biggest things, we think, in Version 2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.en.USIBP_C_01.09.07P. There are a slew of other fixes as well; you can find them all in this PDF. And once you've updated, be sure to join the discussion about the update in this forum thread. Thanks, Joe92t!

Note: Yes, you must have a stock Droid X to manually update like this.


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How to manually apply Android 2.2.1 for the Droid X


I agree...it almost makes me want to start a class action lawsuit. Then I realize that most likely no one of importance really cares, and that it would be way to much money for what we could possibly get out of it. (i.e., just buying a new phone would be a better solution).

That's the great thing about the Droid X, though. I've got all of this bloatware and I've still got more than 6GB internal left. Just hide it LPP and I'm golden.
Verizon can give me all the crap they want on my phone so long as it doesn't run in the background...I'm looking at you Skype...

I agree. At first I was upset about the bloatware... but then I realized that it is completely possible, using a couple of different strategies (like hiding apps in the Launcher Pro drawer, using Apps Organizer, or simply using folders) to never notice they are there. I've got 6 gigs left internal and it comes with a 16 gig SD, and I haven't noticed any issues. Wish they weren't there, but I don't really consider it much of a negative anymore.

There is too much traffic on that Dropbox link. Can we get another link. Phil???

Update: Rapidshare mirror is up and running!

Sorry forgot to mention I have an Evo. Can I load madden? Just read on Droid live it might be a demo and its $9.99 for the full version and the charges hit ur vz account. Bty its currently $4.99 in the app store.

what exactly will have to be restored if i do it this way. is it any different than the ota way in terms of things i will have to restore like contacts and apps

I have my phone rooted, and the only thing I did to it was crank up the processor speed. Now my question is, do I need to unroot before I try to manually install this update?

Oh how terrible! You have to take two seconds to permanently delete a Madden demo off of your phone! O.M.G.! What is this poor world coming to?? Did people fly off the handlebars when they found out that a Need for Speed demo was preloaded on the phone as well??

Will updating it this way pretty much ban your phone from future OTA updates via VZW? Or is this just another way of getting the original update early? In the past Motorola banned those versions of the leaked software.

It's not a leak, this is the OTA. It's the same file.

The difference is that the leaked Froyo was just that, a pre-release leak. The leak was not the same as what was ultimately released.