Droid X with Android 2.2.1

Preface this with the usual disclaimer: Everything you see above can be faked in about 45 seconds. But with that out of the way, it looks like the Motorola Droid X may be getting an update to Android 2.2.1 sometime in the near future. In all likelihood we're looking at bugfixes -- and the probable addition of Verizon's fledgling VCAST app store. As for when? Your guess is as good as ours. [My Droid World via Android Central Forums]

Update: We're hearing the the update should start rolling out on or about Nov. 23-29.


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Droid X about to get another update, to Android 2.2.1?


I keep hearing about the sms bug on the x, i haven't had any problems with it? I have however had a problem with my camera; i'll yake a picture and it will goto the home screen and wont let me back into the camera without a reboot... and occasionally it will not store a picture correctly?

Off Topic: I've had my replacement N1 for a week now.... why hasn't the OTA 2.2.1 update hit my phone?

I got my X after the 2.2 update. I had ZERO problems moving from the OG Droid.

Looking forward to the update

2.2 essentially killed the beast that was the Droid X. Let's hope Motorola has fixed their mistakes because right now I don't think I'll ever buy a Motorola phone again.

Wow. The negative hyperbole on this thread is astonishing.

I've had relatively few problems with my X since upgrading to Froyo, and nothing I can't cope with quite easily. My phone is pretty dang far from rubbish or a defeated beast.

Big 2nd. I am quite surprised about the negativity too. Yes, there are a few bugs with the 2.2 update on the X but nothing that screams out saying "I am done". I don't mess with the phone, I don't play with a beta o/s... I leave all of that to my PC.

Verified with internal source at Verizon's QA Group.
2.3.280.MB810.Verizon.en.US will be the new system version applied to the update. They said that it is in fact a 2.2 bug fix update, But "they" were unable to verify if it will be 2.2.1. Current ETA for OTA rollout, 11/23 (same rollout process as usual; will take a few days) Hopefully this may clear up any questions. As soon as I get any other screenies, I will send them to BGR. Thanks!!

i literally saw this EXACT same post on another forum questioning a 2.2.1 release. could this mean that someone from Motorola is going around posting this everywhere to calm people down?


it's post #7 by TeKNoTroNiK

Lol maybe if the bootloader ever gets unlocked.

As for now, with all it's bugs and serious quality issues, its far from crushing anything but verizon with repair notices.

DX has a few problems, but not as wide spread as some think, on the other hand adding of vcast store is completely unnecessary, the last thing the X needs is more bloatware. Thanks for the Blockbuster app, that was well worth it...Having fun in Chapter 11.

I'm loving my DX but that sms bug is getting old for me. I get a lot of messages and they get mixed all up with old and new messages.

yea the bug sucks, but get a replacement sms app like handcent sms and just use that (free in the market). i've been using that since day 2 with my DX and while it inherited the bug with froyo they fixed it pretty quick.

Who gives a shit about a locked bootloader, custom roms are nothing but trouble, nothing ever works 100%. Dx is the best phone, I mean name 1 smartphone that has no bugs at all.......it does not exist. And that's a fact

I hope you're kidding lol. The whole reason I got a DX today was because my Storm FINALLY broke (thank god). Worst piece of technology ever. My Super Nintendo is more reliable than that thing.