Uh-oh. PhoneScoop just got word from Verizon that the original Motorola Droid will not have Wifi tethering or USB tethering when the Froyo update hits this week. Verizon's explanation is that the Droid doesn't have a "WI-FI transmitter" and that there is "no connection on the PC side" given as the reason for a lack of USB tethering. 

Looks like pdaNet and the other tethering options on the Market just got a lot more attractive to Droid owners. [PhoneScoop]


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Original Droid won't have Wifi hotspot, USB tether in Froyo [#Froyogeddon]


Who is Fifi Hotspot and why can't original droid owners get her? Is it because she is French and the Droid is only available in the US? Does this mean that European Android fans can get to know her?

Fifi Hotspot was slated to be the next Bond-girl. She's actually of French and Cisco descent and has worked in Europe and North Africa as a lingerie model and network technician. She was slated to appear in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue wearing a bikini made of Cat-5 cables and USB network adapters, but her shots didn't make the final cut.

Rumor has it that she will, indeed, be appearing on Samsung phones in European markets.

Verizon pulled her from the Droid in the US because they feared it would cause a backlash against them in Arizona where, as you may have heard, anti-illegal-immigrant sentiments run high; the State Department had denied Fifi a visa based on questionable morals.

No Wifi transmitter!

They must think we are a bunch of farmboy rubes.

All Wifi connections require transmission as well as reception.

I don't appreciate my carrier nerfing or dumbing down inherent abilities. ..no one would tolerate dell nerfing some new function of windows 7 in uts computers

I don't appreciate my carrier nerfing or dumbing down inherent abilities. ..no one would tolerate dell nerfing some new function of windows 7 in uts computers

Um, mine works just fine tethering with USB or wifi. I've used it with my netbook, and another phone. (an Iphone without coverage, oh the irony...surfing on a 3Gs tethered to a droid)

I could respect them a lot more if they simply said "we're not offering these options to customers at this time". I wouldn't like it, but I could respect the honesty.

Was there any other expectation?

If we remember correctly, when Google showed off the WiFi hotspot in Froyo, it was to use your already existing data.

The carriers agenda is to charge you to use your already existing data (WHICH IS ROBBERY, IMO) no way they were going to support Froyo in it's purest form.

Really wish I had a Nexus One right now... :(

Any other useful features they want to strip out? Flash maybe?

How is it that Easytether works just fine on 2.1 if USB tethering won't work?

Looks like I'll be rooting and installing a 2.2 ROM to use these features that Verizon claims don't exist.

Verizon is full of it. I've been running wireless Wi-Fi tethering on my Droid since the day it was rooted.

I really hope they leave the number/dial pad in the new version. I really would like to continue making phone calls since I pay for it...

Root and install a ROM. Only way to ensure, regardless of phone manufacturer or carrier, that you get all of the features of a given build.

It is quick and painless.

This blows! I will be upgrading soon any way. Still sucks, as I need a legal way to tether for work.

One more reason for me to not get a Motorola-Phone again. The need to push new devices seems to be stronger than the need to provide proper service to it's customers. Locked Bootloaders to prevent Custom Roms that could enable new features and stripping of features that clearly would work without a problem from updates to promote the next devices.

Ontop of that, neglect of European customers. Releasing a buggy (Alarm clock and Music player bug) Firmware for the Milestone and not fixing it in MONTHS (it has been 6 Months now) AND locking the bootloader to prevent the users from fixing them themselfs? (milestone)

Well Motorola, congratulations, you succeeded in driving me away and making me want a HTC or Samsung Phone instead.

Doubt this was Moto's call, honestly. Big Red probably told Moto to pull it to encourage sales of devices with the 'capability'. I mean, really, what's the incentive to buying a Droid 2 when the Droid 1 can do everything the Droid 2 can do at a lower price point (and at a BOGO, to boot). But the locked/cryptosigned bootloader thing is a peeve of mine, too.

This blows. Verizon is probably hoping to encourage upgrading your phone to get the feature. I may finally have to root or get a tethering app.

Its funny they say that when I've been able to wireless tether since 2.01 and have had wired tether since 2.1. I call bull seems like they do want you to buy phones that are locked down to get this. But no way glad for root and custom roms

Seriously, though... even if they did add those features, who here would actually pay the additional $30/month for Tethering?

Tethering is when you hook up the phone via USB and use the internet over the 3G network from your computer. Wifi hot-spot refers to connecting to the phone via Wifi and accessing the internet over the 3G network from other devices.

What they meant to say was there was no mechanism for Verizon to lock and unlock the tether and hotspot feature. Without the ability to lock the feature, they do not have the ability to force you to pay for said feature. Since you are not forced to pay for the feature, they just leave it out and try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

Doesn't have a "Wifi transmitter"?? LOL. Makes absolutely no sense. This is why you don't let PR people attempt to generate bullshit excuses about tech products. This is what happens.

Regardless, I'll continue to use the magical Wifi hotspot that already exists on my rooted Droid.

Also - Anyone who didn't see this coming from a lightyear away needs to have their vision examined.

Major BS on VZW's part. The reason they didn't include it is more than likely due to the fact that haven't figured out exactly how much they will overcharge is to use *their* hotspot feature. That's ok though. We have other options. ;)

I have Froyo on my Droid and I am able to wirelessly tether. You may be correct that it isn't possible to setup a multi-point AP on the Droid. But that's not at all what VZW said. Their wording is terrible, and makes it sound as if it's impossible to tether, either wirelessly or via usb - both of which are falsehoods.

I agree the wording is terrible. However, they would need Google to write a separate app to do ad-hoc...which really isn't secure as it really only support WEP encryption on ad-hoc. AP mode supports WPA2.

Waits for a major news site like CNN to turn this into a major PR crapstorm for Verizon. And more power to em because V has always been hardcore D-bags.

Boo for Verizon making misleading statements... but I could care less if the official 2.2 has that in there. There are apps for that if you're rooted, and I plan to be rooted. I'm already running Froyo anyway... update? Pfft; who needs it. :P

People u could use tethering just download it in android market ""easy tether"" for used that dont want to root... There u go enjoy!

...Which I just did. I'd never bothered to figure it out before, but now after 20 minutes of dithering I can tether my Dell Mini9 with no problem.

All I know is, I hope and pray they fix the Live Wallpaper listing bug when this is released. It's making such a massive mess of that segment of the Marketplace.

I'm posting from my laptop, which is tethering from my moto droid. I have an og droid. I was scared to root my phone, but i did with universal androot found here: http://www.androidsuperuser.com/utilities/universal-androot/

I'm using wifi tether for root users from market.

I found that when I put WEP encrypt it will not work, since i guess this function is not currently working. Some one posted why,since this tethering only supports WEP encryption on ad-hoc. but I'm not Tech saavy. Anyways, if I do tether I just make sure to have notification on to alert me who ever connects to my connection until this issue gets fixed.