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We've warned you that unboxings are lame. This is what happens when you don't listen. Take the phone out of the box, then show the box. Anything else is a blatant unboxing violation.

Thanks, Scott!

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robotaholic says:

ha! that sucks! :(

muscal says:

i dont get it? Why is it bad?

EDIT: Nevermind, turning on the volume for that video ruined my day. Fucking morons talking over each other. They deserve the messed up screen.

areyes163 says:

That sucks. Whats up with the guy filming repeating everything the guy holding the phone says. he sounds super excited for everything from the good to the bad. But I would be devastated if my new phone came with broken screen.

esbuenodun says:

ahh haaaaa! verizon FAIL! TMO forever!

trenen says:

Verizon doesn't make cell phones. That would be a Motorola fail. FAIL.

rxnasi says:

Actually that's the amoled screen. My friends T-Mobile galaxy s phone did the same thing turned all green and stuff so that's not Verizon or Motorola.

Oh look, in honor of the Muppets Movie, you got the Kermit version.

Stang68 says:

God that phone is ugly.

arrigob says:

Really, I think its sharp!

trenen says:

Oh, I see what you did there. Ba-da-boomp.

purpleghost says:

That's gotta suck for them

philly says:

okay I actually like unboxing vids.. but this was dumb.. and very annoying to watch.

so thanks for the vid guys.. but you arent funny..

frozencloud says:

that start up animation was pretty cool.

i have to say....those guy gave me a headache.

NexusKoolaid says:

Yes, unboxings are lame. This one profoundly so. What happened to the days where someone would just post a still shot of the box contents and spare us the goofy narratives?

b0ricua says:

Can we add a NSFW language tag to this title plz? Thx.

jcrowlife says:

I think some of you guys take the unboxing of a phone too seriously. Instead of being serious and crying over the phone being defective they tried to add a lil humor to it. They may have missed the mark but who cares it is just a video about a phone...

Yeah, "tried" is the key word there. Doesn't matter if they tried to be funny or sarcastic the end result is them acting like two annoying douchbags!

Gekko says:

you're never funny when you're trying too hard.

0 for 2 with Verizon unboxing videos today. We can only pray the Galaxy Nexus ends up in the right hands when it's time comes.

its green. why is it so green? its not red but its green! wtf lol

Good lord those guys are dumbasses....

eolsgaard says:

Christ that's some intense bromance.

areyes163 says:

Lol bromance.... That's hilarious... Good one.

lyshote says:

Maybe Daniel Tosh will give them a web redemption.

Gekko says:

reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. or Beavis and Butthead.

dman977#AC says:

Technically, the screen is fine. However, the circuitry that drives the screen is what's busted.

Timbx says:

Well I won't be buying one of these!Green screen no thanks!

Part 2: The guys break up with each other because of the bad screen, and both simultaneously use real razors on their wrists.

RETG says:

This proves, no IQ test required to unbox an android phone.

No, no I will mind the trash behind you. Because what kind of person does an unboxing in a room full of someone's trash.

And it's not really an unboxing if you have already taken it out of the box, and played with it, and then put it back in the box. Acting all excited like it's the first time you've ever seen it.

Also finally, there are no Ice Cream Sandwich animations to replace, because the RAZR doesn't come preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich! It comes with Gingerbread.

F****'n idiots lol

Rmorton0573 says:

"Worst unboxing ever!!!" as the Comic Book guy would Say. Reminds me of an episode of Beavis and Butthead

"Hey Beavis, check it out, it's a phone. Uh? Uh huh huh huh huh."

" Yeah! Yeah! Razar! Raaazar!"

LordGeek says:

Yeah .. the guy holding the phone that was filming this .. needed to STFU .. perfectic recording.

Wesley1 says:

-1 for the hillbilly unboxers and the dud screen.

There was a box in the background, but it wasn't the phone's box and it was filled with junk. LOL

chuckh0308 says:

Those guys are kind of annoying and as far as the screen goes, I just have one word: Motorola!

brainless#AC says:

Why does it look like those two morons are in a storage room. Did they steal the phone? How did they figure out how to turn it on? Its the one a coach and the other a assistant coach? Fucking A. DUH

Rmorton0573 says:

With all the trash in the back, maybe they also sent the video to A&E to audition for Hoarders

nickf126 says:

Can these two be bigger toolbags? Wow worst unboxing ever. Durrrr, we are going to unbox a previously unboxed broken phone.

NART says:

does no one here realize that this video was an intentional parody of unboxing videos? they're doing all the "wrong" unboxing things to drive unboxing "purists" nuts, and obviously it's working lol


Video was obviously more parody of unboxings than a poor unboxing video. They already knew the phone had a problem. I don't get the fits some people are having in the comments here about the two guys who did the video.

movielover76 says:

Agreed, I think it was a parody too, anyone who's wasted 2 minutes of their life watching an unboxing video knows how idiotic they are. Yeah I get to see the box it comes in (who really gives a crap about the box?) plus the phone itself which by that point has been shown on the internet and most likely the Verizon webpage for awhile. Just do a review video, which is a thousand times more useful.

I actually thought it was a little funny, though corny. But, I wouldn't be able to laugh about my phone coming with a broken screen.

In any event the only thing more lame than an unboxing video is people spending time getting angry about an unboxing video and feeling the need to comment on it.

Tangocore says:

He may not use an android, but kevin from crackberry nailed unboxing to a science

xolanir says:


ohiomoto says:

I'll rake whatever they are smoking!

And did he say "Ice cream sandwich"?

XXXdc5 says:

I laughed.... A LOT. hahahahaha

Versed says:

So what, anyone can get a bad phone, no matter the brand, no matter the carrier. But these two retards take the cake. Annoying.

grundyman says:

I have my eyes on the galaxy , but this video says nothing . there's no way all phones ship in perfect condition

Auro says:

Wow...someone needs a smaller phone to fit in that little hand.

PostalJim says:

Sweeeeeet phone, if not "jacked up!" I liked the comments. Anyone remember the 2 dudes in the movie Sex Drive? I HOPE these guys were doing their bit based on those dweebs. If this is just them............take the Droid and give the sorry souls an Apple!

Waiting to see what kind of bloatware is on this otherwise amazing device!

lol at sex drive guys reference, nailed it

droidify says:

I thought it was hilarious. Of course they knew it didn't have ICS. The entire thing was a pretty funny attempt at sarcasm.

philly says:

is that the guy with the small hands from the burger king commercials?

aapold says:

I prefer reboxing videos.

chief113 says:

Why are these guys talking like the guys from Workaholics? Old man Ders.

rockethot says:

wow, you guys complain about everything.

You are all morons if u cannot tell this is meant to be a joke to show the messed up screen and not a serious unboxing. I mean c'mon people get your heads out of your asses!

nynativ#AC says:

I thought the camera man's job was to hold the camera and record????

ohiomoto says:

That only applies to cameramen who aren't stoned and stupid.

erwaso says:

The comments for the vid in YouTube are hilarious. Wasted 2:49 of my life

ggr says:

Wow! More than the phone, the reviewers and the way they reviewed it was immature and yes "lame". what is up with both of them talking and repeating the same thing over and over again?

Also, when you review something, go indoors and have a good light source. Make sure that the camera man is not reflected in anything you are holding.

Please do not curse while reviewing, it makes you look lame.

I had to stop watching after about 40 seconds.

v0kal says:

There was no cussing until 1:23. Being a drama queen could be considered quite "lame" as well.

NART says:

It was a joke video, in case you didn't notice...

Hand_O_Death says:

Wow, why didn't anyone warn me to mute the damn video before playing it?