RAZR M, RAZR HDMid-range and high-end RAZRs now available in new color option

Verizon Wireless has debuted a new color option for its Motorola Droid RAZR M and RAZR HD today. Both devices get an extra splash of color, with a new blue variant going on sale alongside the existing back and white models. You'll have to look closely to spot the changes to the RAZR HD, however, as only the power button and metallic trim have been colored.

Unfortunately it looks like there's no blue RAZR MAXX HD -- that phone is still only available in black.

The Droid RAZR M is currently free with a two-year plan, or $549.99 to buy on its own, while the RAZR HD is $99 on-contract or $599.99 outright. Check 'em out at the link below.

Source: Verizon Wireless (RAZR M, RAZR HD); via: AndroidPolice

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Droid RAZR M, RAZR HD get blue paint job


Yes! I've waited since the release of this phone to come in blue. Especially baby blue. To match my eyes, my fanny pack and my Huffy Mountain bike. Who needs reflectors when I look like a smurf? /sarcasm

C'Mon Verizon.

Lmfao!!! Yah, instead of bringing us the HTC One, vz opts to announce big booty telefon venture with none other than Jlo and basically recycle and aging phone with baby blue paint. For that, I'm moving to the number two network come this summer once my phone and wife's are off contract. They don't need the near 200\mon we are paying. I wish you well Verizon!

The razr M is a great phone. My father loves his. Small compact fast snappy and the 4G coverage at my house (jersey shore) is unbelievable

$200 a month? We have 700 minutes, unlimited text and data and we pay $150. Even without out 18% it wouldn't be $200. Good luck with the 2nd best carrier, I'm sure they'll be cheaper. Lol

Actually, what I failed to mention was we have a basic phone on there as well. 1400 min, unlimited data for both our smart phones including unlimited SMS text (for all three phones) plus 15% discount. Guess you may have missed my point about the thus far failure to bring awesome phones to the network. With their mess with the Galaxy Nexus, guess we won't be seeing Google phone for the foreseeable future. Spoke to scores of people who confirmed that they're happy with Att. Plus, my family spends the summer in Europe so unlock, pop in sim and good to go. Interestingly enough, my wife who doesn't give a rat's about phones, was really impressed with the One. That said, we'll get his and hers (mine of course being the 64 GB).

Coming back to Verizon??? May be I won't ,then again may be I will but for now they can keep their their recycled RAZR M.

You can get three truly unlimited lines on T-Mo for that price. Plus you get GSM and better phones like the One and the N4.

Believe me when I say I wanted to go the T-Mobile route. Unfortunately, the floor that I work on in the city is a dead zone for anyone who steps in with that service. The person who has this phone on my floor has no service whatsoever until he leaves the building. If it weren't for that Tmo would be my choice!

The people that's but these phones aren't the kind of people that show off their phones, or we just may not notice their phones for lack of wow factor.