Droid Pro 

Verizon has surprised everyone by making press materials available for the Droid Pro -- looking very different than anyone thought with its candy-bar styling and non-sliding qwerty action.  Big Red doesn't have much to say about the Droid Pro so far:

DROID PRO is a new, powerful, stronger and faster solution designed to meet both business and personal needs. The first Android™-based smartphone optimized for business use, DROID PRO is also a global-ready Android smartphone, allowing customers to enjoy wireless voice service in more than 220 countries and data coverage in more than 200 countries.

What do we say? Hello, front-facing QWERTY goodness! We're still waiting on an official announcement and hopefully we'll get to see some more of this guy at CTIA this week in San Francisco. Stay tuned, folks, and in the meantime let's all play the waiting game in the Droid Pro forums

Update: The official announcement's after the break, folks. Android 2.2, 3.1-inch touchscreen, 3G mobile hot spot, 1GHz processor, 2GB ROM (boo), 2GB microSD card, 5MP camera. Available in the fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCOOct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- From CTIA Enterprise & Applications™ 2010, Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation's largest and most reliable wireless 3G network, and Motorola, Inc.(NYSE: MOT) today unveiled DROID PRO, a new, powerful, stronger and faster solution designed to meet both business and personal needs.  The first Android™-based smartphone optimized for business use, DROID PRO is also a global-ready Android smartphone from Verizon Wireless, allowing customers to enjoy wireless voice service in more than 220 countries and data coverage in more than 200 countries.

DROID PRO meets employers' and employees' needs by addressing the productivity tools businesses require, including corporate connectivity and security; full push corporate e-mail with corporate level security; unified calendar with additional work features; pre-loaded Quickoffice Mobile Suite, a powerful 1 GHz processor; 4 GB of memory (2 GB internal; and 2 GB removable) and a QWERTY keyboard designed for speed and convenience.

"DROID PRO combines the feature-packed, high-level user experience that customers look for in an Android smartphone plus the security that enterprises require, all with the reliability of Verizon Wireless' 3G network," said Mike Lanman, president – Enterprise and Government Markets for Verizon Wireless.  "DROID PRO builds on our commitment to deliver the best Android experience to the marketplace as well as to our enterprise customers."

"The DROID PRO is an advanced business-ready solution that provides users with the full smartphone experience, redefined by delivering the power of a DROID," said Sanjay Jha, chief executive officer of Motorola Mobility.  "The DROID PRO consolidates users' work and personal needs.  This is just another reason the DROID PRO is setting a new standard for enterprise, allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of a smartphone with full push delivery of corporate e-mail and corporate level security."

Key features and specifications:

  • Support for both Exchange e-mail and Gmail™ for business
  • Corporate directory look-up, unified calendar for Enterprise and sync with Google Calendar™
  • PC-like browsing with Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 on a full, multi-touch, 3.1-inch brilliant display built on Android 2.2
  • View, edit and share documents, including Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, PowerPoint® presentations and Word® documents
  • Built-in security features, including AuthenTec IPSec multi-headed VPN integration, remote wipe of device and SD card, and complex password support.  Device and SD card encryption will be available in early 2011
  • 3G Mobile HotSpot capabilities – Allows customers to connect up to five other Wi-Fi®-enabled devices and laptops
  • Live widgets that stream e-mail messages to the home screen; customers can filter the widgets to separate work and home e-mail
  • 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and dual LED flash as well as DVD-quality video
  • 3G diversity antennae provides customers with enhanced data speeds and range
  • Wi-Fi®-enabled DLNA® connectivity
  • Android Market™ – Provides customers with access to more than 80,000 applications
  • My Verizon and Backup Assistant(SM) support – Allows customers to manage their wireless accounts or their contacts from their phones

Pricing and availability:

  • DROID PRO will be available at www.verizonwireless.com and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores in the coming weeks.  Pricing will be announced closer to launch.
  • For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to www.verizonwireless.com.
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Dave0373 says:

Ugggggly, people still use keyboards?


They are trying to seperate blackberry users from there blackberries with this one!

Dubtecate#AC says:


Kevinjt4 says:

What's wrong typing on the DX? I ca type just fine on the stock keyboard. Or I can swipe. a lot faster than actually having to press physical keys like the Droid 2 style keyboard thats landscape.

The Droid Pro however, with the a smaller, blackberry style keyboard will make typing easier just because the keys aren't so spread apart.

chief113 says:

Totally right. I hated the Droid X. Touchscreen typing sucks. I would buy this though.

ebarr727 says:

True that. BB people, consider this announcement your "altar call" to Androidism Just do it! Do not pass go, just give Verizon the $200. BTW, the Android Exchange client and interface is better than BB's. ...I'm just sayin'

schrack3000 says:

It's working. My best friend has the bb tour, but has been looking to upgrade for awhile. He wants physical keyboard, and also doesn't want a phone as big as the x. I just sent him a pic of this phone. He's getting it.

VDub2174 says:

I don't even have Verizon and I want.....lol

Looks like a cross between the motorola that Boost Mobile had and a Palm Pixi

durthquake says:

Its got philblur! Got to love that! :)

watchout4d says:

"with Google" :)

StuRoid says:

I forsee a lot of people trying to use this thing and dropping it when they try to type on it. Looks pretty top heavy.

Jonneh says:

People say that every time a slider comes out that slides vertically instead of horizontally (from bottom to top). Then they use the thing and are amazed.

Everyone screamed the same thing about the very recent Blackberry Torch...while it may have other problems, top-heavy was definitely not one of them. Don't worry :)

Menno says:

This is the direct result of a drunken affair between a Droid X and a sultry Blackberry BOld

Jonneh says:

*holding his Bold 9000* you're not kidding...this is a dream come true for me. The perfect mix of Android and my Blackberry...oh my god. AT&T is coming out with those 3 mid-range flippy devices and Verizon gets THIS. :(

LikeWebOS says:

Wow. Depending on the the actually specs of the phone (size) compared to a Blackberry, this might be what I'm looking for.

It has the same keyboard (appears to anyway) as the Charm. Trust me, thats a very good thing.

Jonneh says:

It's even BETTER than the Charm...look at it and then look at a picture of the Blackberry Bold 9000. (or 9700). It's almost identical. Almost - very minor differences. :D

Loony2nz#AC says:

I am a Blackberry convert. I had the Storm2. It fit me for a while, but I outgrew it quickly. Watching all my friends bang out emails/messages with their physical keyboard made me cringe at going back to a keyboard.

But, I decided to jump on the Android bandwagon and get a Droid Incredible. Wow! Talk about generations ahead of anything RIM has.

The only thing is that I'm still making a ton of mistakes with the virtual keyboard. I'm sending text/email with so much gobbledegook.

I'm looking forward to this BB-esque/Android merger. When it comes out, I'm going straight to a big red store and test out the keyboard. If it's good...SOLD!!

Let's hope it's got LTE inside :)

CavemanOOGA says:


Can't wait to get my hands on this.

r-nice says:

HTC needs something like this in their lineup.

Jonneh says:

Replace that with "AT&T" lol.

micar511 says:


nyreyn says:

Seriously? Whatever happened to that rumored 4.3", FFC, HTC beast of a phone for Verizon? I'll pass until something on VZW comes close to that rumored phone. And yes, I'm prepared to wait a long time for it.

that1bb says:

Thank you thank you thank you, Moto!!!

p08757 says:

If vzw can keep this a secret, I can't wait for more!

dwt10 says:

:D 5 Megapixel Camera, but a DROID X HUMP?!?!?! Its like the droid 2, the x, the blackberry bold, and philblur had an orgy on top of a galaxy tab

judasmachine says:

Whereas I agree with you that it's an awkward mash-up of form factors, I have to say that the DX hump is a non issue. It still slides seamlessly into my pocket, and it's really does help you hold the phone when it's up to your ear.

eahinrichsen says:

I'll be in my bunk.

GensBB says:

Sorry...to much like a BB for me. Im a BB convert and dont to go BACKWARDS even if it is a Droid. They need to be "ground breaking" and "lead" with innovation. This looks to me like a step backwards and copying a design similar to BB. Like watchout4d said, looks stupid top heavy. No thanks for me.

ebarr727 says:

I think their target is BB people who still haven't been willing to jump in the warm Android waters. It's appealing to me from that standpoint. I went from a BB Curve 6 months ago to a Storm2 (for 30 days) and then DInc bliss. This phone should be called the Droid BB-Nudge or the Droid BB-Push. LOL

eahinrichsen says:

Huh. You know, BlackBerry Push would actually be a pretty decent name for a BB device. Heck of a lot better than the last few things RIM's come up with.

Jonneh says:

OH MY GOD. Blackberry users, definitely! This would be soooo nice to have! Android on a blackberry device, only, better!! WHY CAN'T AT&T GET THIS?! :(

BeeRad says:

It's about time. This thing better be internally spec'd well.

weehooherod says:

I like the form factor, but the design is horrendous. Whoever it is working at Motorola designing the appearance of the phones needs to be fired. The only good looking Moto Android devices are the Droid, Droid 2, and Droid X.

gksmithlcw says:

Oh hell yes!!

Smokexz says:

Much better than the Citrus. Keyboard actually like really good(is it just me or does the keyboard look like it has a RIM quality to it? It looks like the keyboard on the Bold)

Sadly without specs we can't really tell if the device is actually good or not compared to the Droid or Droid 2. That's mainly the important thing here, is it better or does it just look like a bigger charm? By the way didn't the droid 2 commercials advertise it as a business phone?

Smokexz says:

Wait. Minute I just noticed how is Motoblur even for business folks? It is jam packed with social network bloat ware...

theoneuafter says:

Agreed that thing is horrible looking. There is no balance.
The keyboard looks almost exactly like a BB board.
To each his own I guess.

Breedingh8 says:

Looks like a freaking blackberry this is getting crazy.. @$@#$E# all these Moto freaking droid phones, how about they just make one that is good.


-> proud Nexus owner.

itch808 says:

As a former BB Bold owner and a current HTC Incredible owner, this looks like it will be a HIT. There will be haters, but its a refreshing change from Moto and all of the high end android phone makers!

Breedingh8 says:

Personally I am quite sick of seeing a new Moto phone every other week.

Blah.. love it keep it enjoy it!! lol - I'll stick to my phone, just love to watch everyone suing everyone over phones now!! it's great!

jiggaman says:

Now there is definitely no reason to have a Blackberry...

burpootus says:

Vote with your pocketbooks, don't buy this phone if it has a locked bootloader.

seabass says:

Well, I'm definitely not getting this, but I'm glad they came out with something different than the Droid 2. This phone probably only appeals to fans of BB that would rather be running android. I'm sure it will sell well and RIM is going to take a big hit from it. The Merge still looks like it will be the best slider on Verizon for a good period of time.

Tifoso says:

I dont see a battery door. I assume the entire back cover comes off then.

That looks like the phone my wife has been holding off for. She loves her BB keyboard but hates the OS.

This should fill the need very nicely.

Breedingh8 says:

I have had the same phone since the Nexus came out, lol and plan to stay that way, love to see the moto craze and all the law suits makes me smile ;)

enjoy your crakberry wanna be phone and what other phone was released today by VZ/moto.....I'll be waiting to see next weekend how many other phones they release.


we need a mark as douchebag choice in the ratings.

Jonneh says:

You're part of the AC team - make it happen for us, please! :D It can be placed right between the "mark as spam" and "Mark down" options.

kevlars9 says:

Haha yes!!

That reply, wins.

weehooherod says:

We all love you Jerry.

ddthld says:

Ohh yeah. Had a Pixi Plus and loved the form factor, just wished the screen was just a little bigger. Have a Storm2 now and like it and its overall size. My upgrade is in January so it looks like I'm getting a new phone!

ddthld says:

Ohh yeah. Had a Pixi Plus and loved the form factor, just wished the screen was just a little bigger. Have a Storm2 now and like it and its overall size. My upgrade is in January so it looks like I'm getting a new phone!

DubA says:


easy1jay says:

This phone is beautiful. While no, I don't prefer physical keyboards myself, this is exactly the thing business users (asides me) would desire.

kinster02 says:

This is what happens when you combine a BB and a Pixi...a nice quality Pixi killer with a Pre size screen and a BB type keyboard. This should be a nice replacement phone for blackberry users.

Mano123 says:

This phone looks ugly. Reminds me of blackberrys or at&t flipout plus its motorola and motoblur lol but I guess this is mostly for business people :) so they can get this or blackberrys since there to stuck in there ways with blackberrys. I hope nobody switches from there droid2 or droid X to this.

Funny that when Verizon does a business droid it's" with google" not bing? Now let's see if we can get a Verizon iPhone to keep Motorizon up to speed with good solid timely Droid updates. So far froyo is a disaster on my X. I can't imagine a large company with hundreds of droids putting up with their crap. I bet patches will be out immediately for this if it takes off.

mikejs78 says:

This one is Droid-branded. I'm guessing that anything Droid-branded will be "with Google", and anything that's not Droid-branded on Verizon, will, well, be "Binged!"

ebarr727 says:

They should have called it the Droid BBpush, the Droid BBnudge, or the Droid BBjump...or maybe the Droid Pixi :-)

If it has excellent battery life, I'm in.

crxssi says:

A *2* GB SD card? Really? 2? Isn't it late 2010? That is quite underwhelming.

eric6052 says:

I held my old BB Tour under my wifes Droid 2. It looked just like the pic. I think the phone isn't the best looking thing ever but to each their own. Its good to have a world phone finally on Android. And if anyone feom T Mobile or AT&T really like one they could buy it and unlock it.

johntkong says:

Then BB needs to step up and make something that will keep their users loyal. The vultures are circling.

kubernetes says:

I'm kind of skeptical about anyone trying to take on RIM on RIM's home turf. Yeah, BB is the suck compared to modern smartphones, but it's very very good for its intended uses. The only way this thing can compete is if it has the same kind of support for corporate email environments. Even then, it might be a tough sell because businesses will be slow to move away from something that is known and proven.

Looks like Jerry might have found his new phone in this device :O but please, no Hansons MMBop Ringtone ;)

Hey every1-I just joined AC forums, but i have been reading up alot on this forum the past month or so. Currently I am an 8330 Curve user with VZW, and Im going to move on to android soon when my upgrade becomes avail. This D-Pro is DEFINATELY targeting us bb users, and thats fine with me. I had an S2 but all touch screen isnt for me, but a combo of touch/qwerty will definately fit me;) It may not be the prettiest looking droid, but none the less, the specs look good on it, so i will be keeping my eyes on this device when it drops! =)

deercreek says:

I showed my wife(the BlackBerry user) and she asked how much it is. She just got a new Curve last month, and if this thing was out today I think I could get her to switch. She went through two 8330s and this new one doesn't feel like it's built to last. She hates touch screens and can't live without her klickity klack keyboard.

m0nti13 says:


Can we be a little clearer about the specs of these phones... Maybe i'm gettign confused, but 2GB internal does not mean ROM (Read Only Memory)... Rom is what you burn the OS onto so that it's always resident on the phone for hard re-boots... Internal memory is RAM (Random Access Memory)... and I'm assuming there are either 2 seperate RAM blocks (one for storage and one for running apps) or the 2GB is split for those two purposes...

I'm just saying 2GB of ROM seems like a lot to me... Maybe my experience with burning images is old fashioned, but i've never seen an OS image take 2GB.

johntkong says:

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! A thousand times yes!! And check out the BB-esque keyboard!! J'adore.

AbeFrohman says:

Jumped ship from a Tour to the X when it came out. Was just so over the BlackBerry browsing "experience."

I can never go back to a Berry after one day on the Droid browser, apps, speed, etc.

But, boy do I miss the keyboard. I've tried all the virtual keyboards and still make tons of mistakes. With no spell-checker, it makes using the X as a business phone a bit daunting.

This bad boy looks like it's the merge of both worlds. Am I irked that I just shelled out bucks for the X a few months ago only to now be looking to shell out more? Yes. Will I get over it if this thing types as well as a berry? Absolutely.

antpal200 says:

it kills me to think that Verizon actually makes the "world phone" capability a selling point. Get with the times Red....

commander 4 says:

I can't wait til this phone gets in the stores.My upgrade is Wednesday and I'll bypass the DX and the Fascinate for this.I just hope it's a lil bigger if not the same size as the Bold 9650 but the 3.1" display is the same as the Torch plus it's touchscreen and comes w/Froyo out the box. It's also gets BB W/1GHZ OMAP processor plus does the same as BB,which I love because i been looking for something like this even overlooking that mystery EVO for Verizon.

November will be the month it's comes out and i'll be there to get it.

MakaylaQ says:

Looks good. I believe the features are great, too. For everybody that loves their Blackberry however wants an Android, the Droid Pro could possibly be for you. The Droid Pro has the form and function of a Blackberry. At the exact same time, it is intended and built to use the Android operating system. Though RIM's Blackberry is intended for business, some are already defecting to Android. Will the Droid Pro be the final killing shot.