Droid Maxx update

Camera improvements, better power usage and the same visual styling as Jelly Bean

Following nearly a month after notice of an Android 4.4 KitKat soak test for Motorola's new droid devices, the update has resumed its rollout to the general public. It isn't typical to see such a delay between the initial rollout and wide-scale availability, but we of course prefer Verizon and Motorola get all of the kinks worked out before pushing to everyone.

The software brings the Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx up to feature parity with the Moto X — you'll have access to the new Immersive Mode, camera improvements and a general tightening of the screws. Verizon support documents also note that the update adds Fitbit support and a new version of Droid Zap. Somewhat curiously, the update doesn't seem to change a single portion of the interface visually — everything looks the exact same to our eyes as it did back on Android 4.2.

We've just pulled down the latest update on our own Droid Maxx and are soaking in the KitKat goodness ourselves. Have you received the update on your own Droid outside of the soak test? Be sure to hop into the forums and join the discussion about the latest software improvements.

Source: Verizon; (2)Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

it's like Verizon is deliberately trolling the #HOLOYOLO crowd Android Central

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Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx KitKat update expanded beyond soak test


I saw a mention about the Note 3 on Sammobile,...it isn't far off. Of course all that depends on carriers also. I'm not expecting 4.4.2 on my S4 in January, that's for sure.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

It is rolling out on the International Notes, and has been testing in the States for over a month (on Sprint at least).

I am confident that at the very least on Sprint I will see 4.4 on my Note, not sure about the S4 but that cannot be all that far behind.

EDIT: Apparently there are a few S4 test build out there too so I would say that the track looks good for late Jan, very early Feb.

Sounds good. Any idea what the file size is of the 4.4.2 updata? 4.3 was a whopping 781mb's! Had to use wi-fi at Burger King, took a while! I'm using the Tmo S4.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Wow a gb?!?!? And 4.4 is supposed to make devices with less ram run smoother, but yet the update is a gb?!?!?

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Not sure of the size, but if it is a gb, doesn't mean it is adding a gig to the ROM, just a ton of changes.

Mommy posted this because I am not allowed to internets

It's 330 MB not 1 GB

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Hmm, not following Android Design Guidelines for 4.4 Kit Kat. Doesn't the main menu bar have to be transparent with with icons being HOLO Grey?

That's only the "nexus experience launcher" available only on the Nexus 5. My Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 don't have the transparent notification bars. As for the color, not sure why they remained blue.

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My Moto X is transparent, but I believe it's because I am using Nova Launcher. I don't think stock launcher does that.

Then again, Moto doesn't have a stock (Google non-GEL) launcher, so ignore me please

Good job Motorola.. Can understand how difficult it is for you to deal with useless Verizon, one of the worst carriers in the world in terms of bossing around oems, branding and crapware.

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In this case it was an extended soak test because some soak testers got bricked. They all claimed to have unmodded phones but they had to get an EXE from Motorola to re-install KitKat. Hopefully they got that fixed. Totally not Verizon's fault.

There's really not a big difference between the versions of Kit Kat unless you have a Nexus device. My Moto X is on 4.4 its all good. Edit: Sorry just noticed you said 4.1

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You'll notice it in the form of significantly reduced battery life, if the general consensus on the soak test is any indication.

Significant is right. Battery life went through the floor with this latest update. Left my droid mini off the plug overnight at 74%. Woke up at 50%. Android os was churning for 40% of the night.

People had bandaid fixes like using battery-saver location, but that required switching modes every time you wanted to use Maps. Or disable Motorola Assist, which is dumb because it wasn't required in 4.2.2 and it's one of the features of the phone I really liked. Another was a factory reset, which I did and that didn't help. Totally annoyed.

May have to steal my sons Maxx for a day or so to check it out

Posted via my outdated Droid RAZR Maxx HD using the Android Central App

Been running 4.4 for a week or two days now, and my biggest complaint isn't the design staying the same, it's how they didn't handle full screen. For example on my galaxy nexus 4.4 was the first to have a true full screen experience, and you could swipe down to show the notification bar from full screen without interrupting the app you were using. Definitely miss this feature.

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I wonder if they fixed anything from the soak? I was part of the soak test and my bluetooth has a lot of issues. Anyone that got the update tested bluetooth? For some reason mine is always disconnecting and the pairing constantly with my devices.

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They didn't change anything from the soak, based on the build number in the photo on the article. Totally disappointed - the soak left my Droid Mini a mess.

Good! The sooner they get it out to the new Droids, the sooner it'll come to my Droid RAZR HD! :-D

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For those of us with 4.4 earlier, there were lots of issues, from the update process itself to battery and connectivity issues similar to the Nexus 5 pre-4.4.2. The latter were not addressed in this update--only the update mechanism.

That's cool. I'm really into the white icons on the status bar though. Why do they change Kitkat's status bar to blue? Isn't that more work to do?

My Moto G

I think they changed it to white for 2 reasons. To make it visually different from previous versions and I've heard it makes it easier for customizable skins.

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I heard the update got pulled shortly after Christmas due to install and performance issues. I got it last month and it works fine despite apparently decreased battery life.

So does this update roll out to those who don't have it yet, or is everyone getting this one?

Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini

Curious about the same thing. I updated mine through xda. Wondering if there was any changes.

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I sideloaded mine last month. With the pictures shown above (assuming they are indeed accurate), and what I show on my phone for the latest OS specs, everything is the same and there are no differences. So basically if you didn't go to KitKat yet, you'll eventualy get it. But you and I already sideloaded, so we'll be fine and won't get an update.

Good thing they are doing this finally. The Verizon page for Droids shows all are running 4.4. I pulled and manually updated thanks to AC a couple of weeks ago. No issues since. Battery may have lost a bit, but I do a lot of app testing, so have the phone and screen on messing with things. Still end the day with ~50%. On lighter usage days, easily 60% left. Plenty for 2 full days. Cheers!

Downloaded for my Maxx yesterday. Battery does seem to take a bit of a hit, but it's hard to tell at this point. Does anybody know if a Fitbit will work as a trusted Bluetooth device with this update?