And there was much rejoicing

Droid Incredible owners everywhere should be stoked to learn that an oft-rumored over-the-air update has finally started being pushed to phones by HTC and Verizon, albeit in a trickle thus far. The update contains a bunch of new features, but the big ones are 720p video recording, Verizon's Wifi hotspot (same as what is in the Palm Pre Plus and Droid X), a new boot animation, and Amazon's MP3 store app. HTC has been good enough to throw in a couple new widgets as well.

It does look like Verizon is starting the rollout slowly, which is standard practice these days (remember that anytime you hear someone throw out a hard date for an update release). That's in part to lessen server loads and also to keep an eye on things and make sure the update's going OK (and perhaps to avoid similar issues to what happened with the Evo 4G awhile back). Users can try to get theirs a bit earlier by going into "About Phone" in the Settings and clicking "System Updates," or wait until the download location leaks out and upgrade manually.

Once my "DInc" gets blessed by Verizon, I will be sure to post some new screenshots. Until then, why not head over to discuss all things Incredible in the Android Central Forums? Happy updating! [Android Forums via Droid-Life]


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Droid Incredible's 720p video update slowly begins its rollout (probably)


Very cool. Hopefully they've done something to improve the battery life too, but I won't be holding my breath.

The best thing I've noticed for improving my battery life is turning off the Haptic feedback in every location possible. I can get 12 hours easily and at least 8 hours pretty heavy use. I have been pleased with the battery life (after turning off the haptic feedback that is).

I guess you might be getting similar numbers and still want more? If so I guess I would be interested as well. Can't complain about more battery life. :)

I was able to install the AmazonMP3 store APK manually when I got my DInc.... Will this cause any issues when VZW officially pushes it?

I wouldn't think so. By the way... have you searched the market lately? Amazon MP3 finally showed up for me in the market a week or so ago.

n00b question. I just used unrevoked3 yesterday. Do I need to run it again and restore factory settings before I install the update? I didn't do anything with special installs yet.

Can't wait for the update...its about time Verizon gave some love to this terrific but often forgotten-about phone..

I haven't gotten the update yet... and going into System Update on the phone still tells me my phone is up-to-date.

I can't wait much longer for this, I want my HD video recording! lol just kidding :P

The update also has Verizon’s mobile hotspot app which requires user to pay $20 a month for 2GB for using it; integrated Skype app, Verizon-related software goodies,720p video, htc new widgets and a new boot animation. Users will get notified over their handset about available of the update....this is the Rumor

Still skeptical about whether this has really been pushed OTA yet for anyone. Surely, even if there were just a few hundred pushed out, someone on one of the forums would post evidence of its arrival (not just the manual install method). I'm guessing it's pretty imminent though, just not yet, and also it's definitely not worth worrying too much about... our Incredibles are still awesome without the OTA and we should be grateful for that!

I haven't seen a confirmation from anyone saying they've gotten the OTA.

As for rooted phones. Wait for unrevoked to OK the update. According to their twitter they've managed to unlock the bootloader and install the new radio. .77 vs. .79 with the new radio. Looks thing things will be looking up for us.

Team unrEVOked is proud to announce that we and @AndroidBruce have the first HTC Incredible with a patched bootloader.

Just be patient for those who have root.

And also, the Amazon MP3 app is available in the market.

I'm sure that the people who opted not to get the Incredible and got the X instead are second guessing their decision. This makes the Incredible better than the X in my opinion.

I have been running the leaked ota rooted for about 24 hours with all my apps installed through titanium backup and I am seeing a really good improvement in battery life! And I think the 720p looks great and you can use incredilight (must be rooted) from the market to record in the dark with the LEDs!

Battery life you say? If that is true, the Incredible just became that much more inc..... awesome. I'm keeping my eyes open for more info on the update, so we will keep everyone posted as it (hopefully) reaches users.

So were you rooted before you did the leaked ota? I just want to know if its going to remove my root access whenever i update, or if I'll have to just run unrevoked again after I update.

Do I need to run unrevoked3 again and return to factory settings before installing the update? Will that erase my installed apps?

I'll believe it when I start seeing confirmations. I've yet to see any credible confirmation from users receiving this update.

I have the update and I can confirm wireless N support. I don't know about battery life though. I am also have a problem seeing some apps in the market that I had before. Is anyone else missing apps in their market?

HA! the only reason for me to do this is Hd vid capture but i will certainly still use root for FREE!!! Wifi tethering!

If the video quality is the same as the Evo 720P, then I am not impressed. I find it to be jerky and appears like it is just several frames per second (even if it is not).

I was rooted on sky raider rom before I flashed the leak. then I ruu back to stock then flashed the ota with the stock recovery then re- rooted with unrevoked.I think the 720p looks great but I'm sure it's like the evo not sure what the fps is. Also I am still getting really good battery life!

Edit: I am also missing some apps from the market but didn't notice at first beause I used titanium backup most apps are there though.

I just ordered my mother a Droid X and asked how the roll-out was going for the incredible and the girl on the phone said HTC hasn't readied the update. I think this rumor is false. Although it should be here soon.

On a somewhat related note, whatever happened to the video output over USB function? (and did anyone ever test it with the N1?)