Droid Incredible rooted

The Droid Incredible has been a tough nut to crack, with rooting eluding the hacking elite (and thus the rest of us mere mortals, too). But it looks like some real progress has been made, and Shadowmite says a couple of phones have been rooted. It involves getting adb to work while in recovery and needs some pretty precise execution in terms of timing. It ain't pretty, and it's not ready for the mainstream, and you might end up crying in the end. But fear not, Incredible owners, work continues. [XDA Developers via Android Central Forums]

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coronaboy10 says:

Awesome, hopefully it will be finished before my Dinc comes. :)

moosc says:

Very nice can't wait

d3xn2o says:

All Praise the Droid Gods... This took forever...

As a power user of the Incredible but new to the Droid experience...what is rooting and what do I stand to gain from it?


mr.s4ndm4n says:

Its all in the Forums....go do some reading.

Hell yeah

Let's hope for real this time. 2.2 here I come!

Kid 05 says:

Are we sure its real and not another hoax?

threepio says:

Awesome, better not be a hoax now.

twhite25 says:

About time.... now, give us some GOD DAMN ACCESSORIES. Docking station? Car dock? W.T.F.?

groovin says:

NICE !!!

But if this is a hoax I will take out my frustration on my storm 1. :)

ak110707 says:

Possibly the best comment I've ever seen!

myanez says:

2.2 anyone???

iamtone says:

*marv Albert voice* YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jellis14 says:

THANKYOU!! this is GREAT... I am soooo HAAPPPYYYY... but now we just need 2.2 FROYO.... Oh Froyo.... come here Froyo!!!! When I see that - I will be Very Glad to Donate... Like I am doing for the ROOT of Droid Incredible!!! GREAT WORK.

Very excited about getting Froyo up and running on my phone!