Droid Incredible, may you rest in peace

Well, the Droid Incredible had a good run, didn't it? We knew this day would come, and now it finally has as the phone is no longer up for order on Verizon's website and it appears retail stores are selling through their remaining stock - end-of-life. 

First rumored all the way back in December of 2009, the Droid Incredible finally launched at the end of April 2010 and very quickly did its best to sell out across America as Verizon users went Snapdragon crazy. From day one it was on backorder, and demand was not satisfied well in to mid-August. In addition, the "DInc" was one of the first phones to get updated to Froyo after a leaked version of the RUU made its way on to the Internet. Here in Blacksburg, it is hardly possible to turn around without seeing someone texting, browsing, or gaming away on a Droid Incredible. 

However, there is some good news on the horizon for the DInc faithful (myself included) - we have reliable information that a Verizon-branded version of the HTC Incredible S could be making its way to American shores very soon as the Droid Incredible 2. As in very, very soon. Until then, why not head on over to the Android Central Forums and talk about your favorite memories of the Droid Incredible? [Verizon via Android Central Forums]


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Droid Incredible reaches end-of-life, Droid Incredible 2 might be just over the horizon


Love my DInc since I got it the say it came out. Very customizable and fun to play with. Not sure if I want the DInc2 cuz I want the 4.3 screen. Thunderbolt looks good and not sure if I want it now, but then again, I still ahve to wait another year for my contract to end. lol

Cannot wait to see what HTC will be offering next year. That said, I'm a HUGE HTC fan.

Peace OUT! Steve

As an evo owner I was curious to check out the t -bolt. Picked up a dummy at bb. That is the bulkiest candybar phone I've seen in 5 years! With very little over the almost yr old evo I dunno what ppl are so excited about. EVO3D here I come!!!

Yes, the Evos are awesome. I'm most excited to replace my OG Droid. My wife has the Incredible and the Inc2 doesn't seem like much of an upgrade for her. However, my OG Droid is sloow and always running out of internal storage. While the TBolt is nice is just seems like it missed the mark trying because it wanted to be the first LTE phone. With no LTE in my area, the Inc2 seems like a great upgrade until LTE gets here!

ditto...blazing speed and all day use. Hanging tough until the Evo 3D comes out. And then we'll see how Sprint's network is.

"... & Some say Q4* , all we know is its called the Incredible"

* Honestly , I don't know which Q is it !

The Incredible is still a great phone, it should be perfectly able to satisfy those who own it until their contracts run out.

Aww, the Droid Incredible was my first Android phone! I will forever keep it in my valued treasure box lol. But right now, I want to move towards a more higher-end Android phone...maybe like the EvO 3d with its 4.3 qHD screen.

The DInc was, and still is, my first Android phone. To me, it is perfect; I don't foresee any smartphone doing anything so much better than my DInc that I will feel compelled to upgrade. Unless, of course, LTE comes to my area for the same price as 3G.

That being said, once I'm eligible for an upgrade I might root my DInc just to see what it can do. :-)

You people wanting a small tablet in your pocket kill me. I loved my incredible and the only thing that I wanted more was an Nexus One. I stood by the Dinc and recommended it to everyone wanting a Android device on Verizon. Hope they don't disappoint with the Dinc 2.

It's still a badass phone and better than a lot of the new phones that have hit the market or will be hitting the market soon (don't get me wrong, the optimus is a decent phone, but the Incredible spanks it).

Sad to see it go.

I still like my incredible and have no reason to upgrade at this point. Better than i can say for my last couple phones. If we get the rumored Gingerbread update, i should last just fine on this one until its about time for my upgrade to come up.

though there is temptation to upgrade because the DInc 2 is a 4" screen (I think that is the sweet spot in screen sizes).. I still have a year to go on my contract.. and unless I can convince my wife to give me her upgrade I'm gonna have to wait. which is fine, there will be bigger and badder things next year.. like say the Tegra Quad-Core DInc 3 maybe?! :P

I LOVE my Droid Incredible! It is one of the best phones I've had. The other phone I loved was the Sprint Touch.

I got the DInc when it first come out(pre-ordered) and I will be keeping it for the next year or two. I don't like the bigger phones. I'm hoping that when everyone has tablets, phones will go back to the manageable size of 3.7".

When will Android 2.3 be released for the DInc?

Love my rooted incredible with cm7 nightlies! My upgrade isnt due for another ten months and am in no way sad about it. Just got a xoom wifi to play with in the meantime.

Not sure why people would want a 3d phone or quad core phones. as the incredible doesnt lag at all..save that for a tablet or console. I will probably get the incredible s for this reason and enjoy the things that matter including the front camera and ideal size.

Like many above, the Incredible was my first android phone. Then I switched to Sprint and got the Epic 4g. But the Dinc will always hold a special place in my heart. Great build quality, nice, relatively quick update to Froyo, awesome form factor and just a sexy beast of a phone. It was once I finally got my Incredible that my iPhone envy was dead. I will always think on the Incredible fondly. REST IN PEACE, INCREDIBLE.

Don't cry, the DInc is one of the best Android phones ever! There's a REALLY good chance it will get Gingerbread, extending its life for some time. I too came from a Storm... I try not to think about it much.

Last week when I upgraded to the Tbolt...had a surprisingly sad momently switching off the Dinc. It is a great phone...but the only thing I wanted more was a 4.3". The Tbolt is basically a Dinc with a bigger screen. It was time. RIP, Dinc.

Got Dinc day it came out. Loved it. Carry 2 phones. Sold it and got Iphone. Kept the Droid X because of larger screen. Mistake and not because of larger screen already had it. Missed Dinc and now have the Tbolt and selling the X. It is much like the Dinc, however, it is faster even at loading sites on G3, text on sites is larger and easier to read and even has more great features than the Dinc. I highly recommend the Tbolt for anyone that is ready to retire their Dinc or any other phone.

I love my DInc. By far, the BEST phone I've ever owned. Upgraded from a Blackberry Storm, and it was like being in heaven. My next upgrade won't be until Dec., but with the smell of Gingerbread baking in the HTC kitchen, I really don't have a desire to go out and pay full price for a Thunderbolt or anything else that is out there on the Horizon. I just got my wife one a few weeks ago, knowing that it's a solid phone that will do everything she needs in a smartphone for a long time to come.

For sure the Incredible will be remembered as a drop dead sexy gadget with the race car paint scheme & it's sleek form factor. HTC puts the leg work in to make the device attractive to use & to look at. The next phone I get will be HTC for sure. RIP Incredible... You will be missed.

The Dinc was the best phone I ever owned, I was VERY happy with it. Now using the Thunderbolt and am in 4G heaven!

I have an DInc but I'm wondering if we are really going to see Gingerbread. My reasoning, I'm not sure Verizon (and maybe HTC) are going to put up the resources to put out a software update for a phone that is EOL.Thoughts?

I'm sure Asurion has plenty of them to replace for now. Will probably see refurbished ones showing up for sale/replacement.

Thank you Droid Incredible for saving me from the land of Blackberry Storm. This legendary phone showed me how it's done. Internet browsing,customizations & speed are impressive. All I need now is some Gingerbread lovin. I'm sure that the Dinc2 will be a great replacement for my Dinc this December just like the Nintendo 3DS replacing my Nintendo DS lite.Legends replacing legends.

RIP Droid Incredible , it used to be (& Still) a great phone , never had a chance to own\use one though
The Droid Incredible will be in a better place along side the OG Droid & the RAZR V3