Droid Incredible update

Looks like the Droid Incredible update -- the one that along with a host of bugfixes puts Verizon's VCAST app store thingy on your phone (hurray?) -- is finally pushing out. Loyal reader Kenneth sends word (and the above screen shot). So if you're going to the stock route, go grab it. And if anyone wants to snag us the manual download location (here's how), that'd be great, too! More in the Droid Incredible forums


Reader comments

Droid Incredible maintenance update starting to trickle in


I woke up to the update this morning... don't really notice anything different other than the addition of V Cast Apps and Slacker, nothing too exciting.

That being said, I'm not about to complain about an update (assuming it actually fixed some bugs).

Well like I said, I don't really notice anything different. The auto-rotate seems fine but I don't remember noticing anything wrong with it before either.

I wonder if this update will disable the free WiFi hotspot hack?
I'm leary to install simply for this reason...

Updates are always nice. Why does it take Motorola so long to update the DroidX? They cant push the updates out to all their front-line phones at once? We've waited months for Froyo, and now 2.3 is on its way. These multi-billion dollar companies have to step their game up.

the only down side is that it wiped out my scene that i hadn't saved in a while and broke a bunch of the shortcuts when i pulled up an older saved scene. i had to set it all back up including deleting / recreating shortcuts. other than that, i haven't noticed any changes yet.