Droid Incredible update

We just got word that an update is on the way for the HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon -- and we can expect it to start pushing out on our about Nov. 8. (And remember, kids, that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will get it that day. But once we have the manual update location, it's all good.) Here's what's coming in Software version 3.26.605.1:

  • Updated Flash Player with security enhancements
  • Visual Voice Mail Wifi improvements and removal of incorrect service messages and post-call notifications
  • Better support for Yahoo IMAP e-mail
  • Update to Slacker Radio app
  • You can attach files larger than 5MB
  • Updated Cox POP3 e-mail settings
  • Updated Comcast POP3 e-mail settings
  • Play YouTube videos in the YouTube app (that's new?)
  • Seamlessly switch between portrait/landscape in Google Maps
  • Search key and other buttons displayed in the correct order (what's the wrong order?)
  • VCAST app lets you bill apps to your Verizon account

That's no small list, but nothing earth-shattering either. Regardless, any update is good to see. Thanks, Mystery Man!

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slinky317 says:

Well, that's interesting. I'd like to see if they include the new Sense too, although I think that's just wishful thinking.

Maybe it'll fix some of the security issues recently found in the kernel. Not sure if AC reported this, but you can search for incredible kernel security bugs to find an article. Those fixes likely need to be pushed to all phones though (since they're issues w/the kernel)

Or maybe it's gingerbread :) lol..

How about google fixing the gmail push problem???? Emails don't come to my phone when they are actually sent anymore.

Meanwhile at VZW headquaters...

"Hey when are we gonna get 2.2 out to those Fascinate users? Aren't they the only ones without Froyo that have a 1 ghz processor?"

"Yeah... so?"

trafficguy00 says:

"Play YouTube videos in the YouTube app (that's new?)"

Actually just noticed this yesterday that I couldn't play several videos through the YouTube app. Some did, quite a few didn't.

Also, any word out there on fixing that issue with the stock media player not playing certain WAV files? Specifically ones from VOIP Voicemail systems (i.e. Cisco)?

318sugarhill says:

If your rooted, will you still get this?

ridavid81 says:

i guess the Droid X will never get an update.

Vagrant_1 says:

I would like to know about being rooted and getting this too.

esmitty225 says:

How about fixing the auto-rotate lag that my DINC has had ever since FROYO came out. I'm getting sick of having to tap my phone to get it to switch from landscape back to portrait. The lag pretty much makes Google Sky Maps useless.

That is unless there is a fix already out there, but my friends BRAND NEW DINC has the same problem.

ricbon says:


jeffreyrr says:

The only maintenance release I need, is the one that fixes the bump charge requirement to get anywhere near decent battery life.

318sugarhill says:


jcdagget says:

Agreed...the rotate is too sensitive and I'm always horizontal when I should be vertical.

Also, obv. new sense isn't coming in this update -- but damn would a super-fast boot-up be nice.

gtricecakes says:

I'm hoping they could fix the low memory problems that some INC users have been having, it drives me nuts! I don't do anything and I get low memory and it usually has to do with my contacts, which goes from 6 MB to 25 MB in seconds...

esmitty225 says:

I still think that is related to the previous Facebook update (the one prior to yesterdays update). After I had that same problem happen twice back in August/September, I uninstalled the FB update it didn't happen again.

oomatter says:

There's nothing on this list that I find interesting in the least.

Too many updates and too many variations to the software. Thats why nothing works. Android could learn something from Apple.

bluegravy says:

All these complaints are valid, but are dwarfed by the lack of image stabilization on the camera. Why have an 8MP camera and 720P video and it can't even take a decent shot that's not blurry because I drank too much coffee?? L-A-M-E!!!

silvra7 says:

One has to remember that it's a phone first. Everyone want's their cake and to eat it too, but if you want that feature get a regular camera. Most are over 12mp now anyway.

ricbon says:


DocJ#WN says:

does this even matter if you are rooted?

Sigh, I was hoping for a fix to the .wma tag issue and fix the streaming audio quality that broke with froyo.

Qazme says:

Well thank god for being rooted. 3.26.605.1 has already come and gone.....

Wicket says:

I am still voting that they repartition all that internal storage to be used for apps...

dcbelcher says:

New Sense?

CHWard says:

They have to fix the wma tag issue. It is unacceptable that the music players are unable to read the tags for album, artist, track, etc... If they don't fix it, they should not tout that it also is a media player.

Other than that, love the Incredible.

JKnight12 says:

Any word if the mail client will be updated to allow for Exchange ActiveSync to work with Hotmail, or maybe a gallery app that makes it easy to find your pictures and videos (I would settle for sort options)?

Synbios says:

Exchange ActiveSync is for..exchange.

rpscott02 says:

Anyone having a problem where music (Pandora, native music app, etc) doesn't resume after gps interrupts? Used to work on 2.1

Pandora's latest release (1.5.1) fixed this issue for Pandora. I haven't noticed the problem with DoubleTwist, but admittedly, I listen to Pandora more than anything else.

Wicket says:

still waiting

efireb33 says:

So I just did the update and now all my home screens are gone. All the icons and widgets that were on them have disappeared and just the wallpaper I had before the update is there. Is this normal or did something go wrong?